Saturday, November 24, 2007


We made it home!! The trip was great although it seemed short to me. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and that you are continuing to enjoy your holiday weekend. I have no wild tells to tell from this trip, sorry, but I managed to behave myself pretty well. Sue and the other girl are doing fine. Sue really does seem happier than I have every know her. More relax and happy.

One reason I behaved so well is that I am still having problems with dizziness. And yes I have kept Tom informed about the problem so back to the doctor for a few more test. I don’t hurt any where, no headaches or anything but sometimes when I get up I am very dizzy and sometimes it is pretty severe but it seems to go away in a minute or so.

When I told Tom I told him to leave my keys alone. I won’t be going long distances by myself and the only time I am dizzy is when I first get up, either in the morning or sometimes from just sitting a while – but not all the time. I told him I wouldn’t go far and I would be careful when I got out of the car but there was no reason I couldn’t drive at all.

I got a piercing look and no comment but my keys are still on the hook. I just feel that it would not be in my best interest to hop in the car and head off without telling him where I am going. But I am happy to be back home. The house is decorated now and it looks wonderful! I assume we will be on our own for Christmas but I like it that way. Tom and I do pretty well for ourselves and I can’t think of one person on earth I would rather be with!


Anonymous said...

Glad your safe, Hope the test find out what is going on. Nothing worse than having test after test only to say we don't know what it is....Have a safe and Happy Holiday season.


Paul said...

Cassie, glad that you are safely home and that you had a good time.
That's good news about Sue, being taken in hand seems to have been good for her, and you.
This dizziness bothers me, it could be a touch of hypertension, folk our age are prone to that, or it could be a slight infection of the inner ear. My advice, be aware, take your time getting out of bed or getting up from your chair, until the doctors know what it is, your watchword should be, slow and steady.
Now I've taken off my big brother hat.
Have a great run up to Christmas and enjoy dear heart.
Love and warm fraternal hugs to you and yours,

Caryagal said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! Sounds like you had a great time! Hope you can figure out the dizziness. Glad you still have the keys but please be careful! :-) I know you will. Might want to stay off scooters for now at least! :-) hehe...

Take care!


david said...

My mom is back I'm so Happy you had a great time. Be sure and call the Dr. first thing in the morning. We have to have you 100% with Xmas coming.

Love and hugs,

lessa{D} said...

ohhhh Cassie, it is great to see you safe back home. And I am so happy you had such a great time... Now do as Paul, Tom and David said and go see the docter. And I am glad you got to keep your keys, just take care. But I am sure you will...

hugs and love, lessa

Lilly said...

CASSIE! Yay, you're back!

No tales at all - wow! Not even about Sue?? (LOL - she still has a lot of catching up to do for all the spankings you've gotten when you were in trouble together!) I'm glad to hear she's happy!

I'm glad you're letting Tom help you with the dizziness. I've sent more in an email!
Love, Tess

mthc said...

Glad your home and you behaved.Please be careful and get that dizziness checked out. Can't have sick for the holidays.

Theresa said...

Well I do hope you get to the doctor and figure this dizziness out. It may be nothing, but I imagine it is no fun!

I bet the place looks great! Wish I could see. Maybe you should consider a Christmas party. I know some great decorators and caterers!


BB said...

Welcome back!

Cassie said...

Nice to see you here. I hope they can find out something soon. Thanks.

Paul my sweet brother,
It delights me to see Sue so happy and I really think Tom and I had something to do with it all.

As for slow and steady they are not my strong suit but I am working on it. I think it worries Tom when I don't feel like getting into trouble!

It's good to be home! I am being good. No scooter at the moment but soon!

Surely you are joking! Tom called from out trip to make the appointment himself - Tuesday morning bright and early!

So nice to see you here. Trip was great and I am keeping my keys (by not driving) but it's a moral victory anyway!

You are certainly right! Sue as years of catching up to do but she will never catch up! Because now if she really gets spanked seriously I have probably been involved to and I will be getting it right along with her!

I will be back to top form long before Christmas!

Christmas is a family time and I think we will just have a nice quiet one - just the two of us.

Thank you. Hope to be on the computer more!

A.S.S. said...

Glad you made it home safely. Hope your getting dizzy is nothing. Sounds good that you have no headaches or anything like that. Have read that extremely healthy people get dizzy when they stand up too quickly (this is what happen to G Bush a number of years ago).

Todd & Suzy