Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am so bored! Tom has been working for weeks on a charity golf tournament. I know it is for a good cause but I miss my husband. And he is gone all this weekend to for the tournament itself. Yes I could go out there while the actual play is going on but I really don’t care for golf all that much and Tom is going to be very busy so I am staying out of the way. But I am still bored! Do I sound like I am rambling?

I might go to the river. I haven’t taken the time to walk the property by myself and see how I want my yard to look. I know we won’t be there all that much this winter. (We are going to redo the kitchen while we are working) but I want to plant some pansy that usually last most of the cold weather months. I love pansies! So bright and colorful. The house is coming right along and I really wish I could post pictures because it is going to be beautiful. Oh well maybe someday!


Lilly said...

OOOOOh Caaaaaassie! I have an email full of ideas to help with boredom. Want to see it? Love, Lilly

Sara said...

Time to stir up trouble? :)

MaggieDear said...

Now Cassie --- find something constructive to do! Stay out of trouble, but have a nice weekend all the same!


Caryagal said...

I'm with Lilly! A little fun sounds in store! :-) Can you outdo the sprayer incident?


Paul said...

Cassie dear one, dad in law, used to tell his children, "boredom comes from within".
Your plan to do something in the yard of the river house sounds like a good one and something that might impress Tom.
Ignore the little girls, such as Lilly, Sara and Carya, they are not risking Tom's paddle or the ivory hairbrush. If they were mine, they would all be sitting sensitive.
It's better to post than to get into mischief. *G*
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

mthc said...

Well i was going to make a suggestion but IT'S NOT WORTH PAUL'S WRATH!!.Since we all know i'm such a good girl anyway!..Smiles..

david said...

Trust me Mthc is never a good girl. Ok, sometimes maybe.

Cassie Mom, Checking out the river house and planning your flower beds sounds like just the thing to do. You might even get to ride the neighbors scooter hehehe.

*luv and hugs*

lessa{D} said...

Cassie... you could work on the garden and think of something else to do to. You know, don't listen to men that are on Tom's side... us girls are on your side. You could for instance not only decorate the garden but also the golfballs that are at home. Draw them funny faces or so, and each time Tom will use one of them he will think of you and smile...

love, lessa

New Beginnings said...

Cassie I am always on your side but keep your activities confined to those that will get you a good girl. And if by chance you don't be sure and tell us all about it!