Friday, November 16, 2007

Off Again!

I have been delighted with the friends who have made themselves known in the last few days. I am hoping that even more will gradually feel comfortable leaving a comment or emailing but even if you are not ready to do that please keep coming back.

Tom and I are headed out west this weekend. We are spending Thanksgiving with our friends. Tom asked me the other day if I thought I could spend a whole week with Sue without getting in trouble. I told him he was the one who caused the trouble – if he wasn’t so bossy and over protective and just let us do what we want to then their would be no trouble. What is it Eva says, “Step away from the hairbrush and nobody gets hurt!” He laughed and hugged me and popped my rear so hard I know the neighbors heard!

You have to understand I truly do not go looking for trouble! I never do, but I like to let my hair down with these friends. I play the part of genteel southern lady quite well. I don’t mind the part but Sue and Anna and the other know it’s just an act! Well for the most part anyway. If Tom would just let up on me some when I am with the girls it would help. But regardless we always have a lovely time.

I want to take the laptop but I don’t know if I can. If not I can still do email on one of their computers but Tom would blister my butt if I went near blogs on their machine. I really would love to introduce Sue to the blogs but Tom has put his foot down and I never tangle with him too much about the computer. As long as he leaves me alone to play here I won’t rock the boat.

In case I don’t get to post again until we get back I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!


david said...

Cassie Mom, You, Tom and your friends have a wonderful time this Thanksgiving. Your family at Big Cobler mountain will be thinking about you.

Luv and hugs,

Paul said...

Cassie dear sis, do have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll be thinking of my southern sister away across the pond.
Be happy, try to avoid Tom's hand, and the dreaded hairbrush.
Have fun with your friends and don't let Sue lead you into too much mischief. *G*
Return home safely and tell us all about it.
Much love and huge fraternal warm hugs,

Lilly said...

Cassie - LOL! I just emailed to ask you the exact same question! "Do you think you can behave yourself for a whole week being with Sue?" I hope so, or as PK says, "If you can't be sure to tell us all about it!"
Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Enjoy!! Be safe! Love, Lilly

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to you as well! I hope the trip is fabulous, and I can't wait to hear how it went when you get back :)


A.S.S. said...

Have a safe trip and be be good (well, not too good!).

Todd & Suzy

lessa{D} said...

Cassie, hope you have a wonderfull trip and a happy thanksgiving. Now if you do get into trouble please remember every detail so we can learn from you *winks*

hugs, lessa

Theresa said...

Out west as in California? If so check in on my boy!

Have a wonderful safe trip and a terrific Thanksgiving!