Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hello everyone and I mean everyone! Where is the world did all these people come from?? When the twins got together for their visit I intruded on them and asked them to do me a favor, two favors in fact. As a matter of fact Eva told me that the picture of them playing on the computer that graces both their sites was taken as they did these things for me. I am very honored! They fixed me up with a blogroll which I just love! I can see who has updated and easily get to my favorite sites. The second thing they did for me was to put a stat counter. This little thing has put me into total shock!!

I know some of the long standing well established sites like Bonnie, Tiggr and CeeCi have an enormous amount of hits daily. And I knew that I had more people coming by than I really knew about but to find out that I often have over 200 visitors just blew me away! Now some might laugh and think this number low but I am absolutely delighted!! Who are you?? I hear from 10 to 15 people on a regular basis.

But the others? I am so nosy. I feel like my site is just about my everyday life. I do have a fantastic husband but often it seems I am fussing about him. I guess what I want to say is that will so many wonderful sites out here I am honored when you come by. I have many fellow blogger that are close special friends but now I also have several friends that just email and we keep up that way. Tig recently made me aware that my email was not posted on my site and I think I have changed that. Check under my profile and see.

To those who comment regularly – thank you and bless your hearts. If you don’t comment usually I wish you would. I would be delighted to hear from any of you that honor me by choosing to spend some of your time here.




Paul said...

Cassie, dear one, please don't be so modest, you write an excellent post.
And strangely enough we don't always want to read about spankings.
Your life with Tom is so refreshing in this day and age.
You are always a lovely read and I am proud to call you sis.
Warm wild hugs,

Tiggr d'Amore said...

Oh Mom, how is it possible that you continue to be surprised by how wonderful your writing is and YOU are?????

Don't you KNOW by now how very special you are? Guess not, which makes you even that much more special!!!!

Love you lots,
your girl

Theresa said...

Just playing catch up! The stat counter is amazing! Glad the vacation went so well! Ouch!


April said...

I dont' get here as often as I'd like, but I do enjoy your blog. I just noticed that you've linked me and I got all excited, lol. I'm very new to the blogging world and have no idea how to install my stat counter or link anyone or stuff like that yet, but I'm learning. Thanks so much for linking me though! :)

SuZQ said...

Hiya Cassie! I seldom comment but visit often. You are a much loved soul and as I've read your blog I've come to understand why.

Keep writing, we'll keep reading... all 200 of us!

*Hugs* Suzy

New Beginnings said...

I find everything about your life with Tom fascinating! I would love an hour by hour of your day! I think it would be most interesting.


Caryagal said...

Cassie! You are one of the first I look at daily! I love emailing with you too! You and Tom are an inspiration to all of us. You guy's relationship is what I think everyone in this world should strive for! :-) It does my heart good everytime I see a post or email from you! You shouldn't be surprised by all the people! Afterall what better read is there than two people hopelessly in love! And we have all fallen hopelessly in love with you and your writing!


M:e said...

Cassie, we only recently put a stats counter on too, cos there was something a little weird happening with the internal one. Like you I was amazed at not only the number of visitors but also the number of countries they came from. I feel like I did a world tour and didn't even know it!!

As the others have said, you have a wonderful way of writing, whatever you write about, it like you send us all on our way for the day with a hug and a smile.

love and hugs xxx

Cassie said...

Thank you Paul. You have no idea what blogging has done for my confidence. Other than Tom I believe you are the only man in the would whose approval I care about. You are a wonderful brother!

I guess I continued to be surprised because this is the only place I am me without Tom being the guiding force. Its fun becaues I can be be on my own while he is right here with me!!

So happy to see you here. I keep up with Michael and his progress. What a fine man you have raised!

I can't do a thing but write and post and my sweet Tig taught me how to do all that!! Then the twins helped me this last time. Come by anytime I am learning more about you as I read.

I have been so happy to see you back! I have also been lurking at your place too.

Hour by hour! Oh my goodness you would be bored out of your mind!! But you are sweet for asking!

How sweet you are!! You and your four little one are a joy to me. You are so lucky!

I can't write about children or career but I can write about loving my husband so much it hurts! So I guess that really is something!