Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's that time again!

Oh my, it birthday time again!! And this is a special one indeed!

Happy Birthday Eva!!!

I hope this is a wonderful day for you! The joy you bring us here is indescribable. I love every word you write. You and your twin worked on my site and I will never forget how you wrote to Tom and encouraged others to. That I think is the reason he let me continue blogging out here with the rest of you. I will always be grateful for that gift of caring.

I did not think you were as old as your twin (always wondered about that) but PK assures me that yes you are the same age. As a matter of fact she indicated that you are older. In that case enjoy your 50’s. I know I did!!

Actually I didn’t believe your twin. But I thought you should know what she said in case you wanted to encourage Nick to allow her to enjoy some of the joy of a typical spanko birthday!

Eva I love you! You are one of the brightest spots out here!! I hope you upcoming year is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Cassie~ Thank you so much for your kind words and birthday wishes. And just to settle the "how old is Eva?" debate, I am 39... and holding.

Lilly~ Thanks!!!

Tiggr d'Amore said...

Kudos to my mom for saying it all as only she can, and for offering PK that lovely birthday spanking in her sis's honor!

grace said...


Cassie, you should know by now that PK is a liar!

But, we love her anyway!

Come to think of it, Eva is lying too!

I guess they really are two peas in a pod!


Caryagal said...

Happy Birthday Eva!!! You can be any age you want today! But tomorrow you have to tell us for real!


New Beginnings said...

Cassie! You tattletale! May Tom put you over his knee for that!! Oh that okay as long as Eva has a great birthday I'm good!


Cassie said...

Thank you all for coming by today. I hope Eva's birthday was fantastic.