Sunday, May 27, 2007

Paul's Meme

I am so excited! Look, look what I have!! Blood must be thicker that water!! Look what I have to post –

Paul’ Meme

I think he is still over at Tiggr’s party but you can read his words here!! Enjoy!

Triple Meme

Three Things That Scare Me:

Wild Pigs.

Stupid people in charge of cars,


Three People Who Make Me Laugh:

Robin Williams.



Three Things I Love:


My little family.

My computer and the friends that I reach through it, you know who you are.

Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike:

Uncontrolled anger.

Mindless gossip.

Unnecessary waste.

Three Things I Don’t Understand



The general lack of Respect

Three Things On My Desk:

Picture of Mel.

Head of Buddha

Empty coffee cup.

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:

Answering this question, duh!

Listening to a favourite CD, one of Enya's.

Keeping an eye on ASGT's Party.

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

Attain spiritual oneness again.
Meet the Dalai Lama.

Visit all my blogging friends.

Three Things I Can Do:




Three Things I Can’t Do:

Higher maths.


Run a mile.

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:

Your higher self

People who love you

Your instincts

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:

The voice of anger.



Three Things I’d Like To Learn:


Tightrope walking

Flying a plane

Three Favourite Foods:

Dark bitter Chocolate.

Vienna Schnitzel with new potatoes and spinach.

Ben and Jerry Phish Food

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:

No television, but some smashing radio shows.

Dick Barton, Special Agent.

Round the Horn.

Family favourites.

Three Things I Regret:

Too numerous to write.

Three People I Tag

Anyone who hasn't done and wants to.


emeraldeyes said...

Paul, great meme! Thank you for sharing this with us...

Phish Food is my favourite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavour too!

I also loved your answers to: "Three things you'd like to do before you die".
I too would love to feel spiritually complete, and have an understanding.

However I think it would take many more lessons, before that would ever happen.
I hope you are close though...

Big hugs
Em x

MaggieDear said...

Yay Paul! This is a really telling meme for you! The three things you'd like to learn ... parachuting? tight rope walking?? ohmy! In case you didn't know, I'm a worrier and I really don't think those things are a good idea! lol

Cassie, thanks for posting this!

~Hugs y'all!

Theresa said...

Paul I loved reading your answers. But I love reading anything you write!

Thanks Cassie!

Reesa Roberts said...

Great answers, Paul! Are there wild pigs up there?


M:e said...

What a fascinating insight Paul! Had a brief vision of you on a VERY high tightrope, with a parachute at the ready...winks.

My late husband introduced me to Round the Horn, and many of its contemporary programmes.....I have many of them on tape and revisit regularly for both their comedy value and to relive shared moments.

love and hugs xxx

Paul said...

Cassie dear Sis, thank you for posting this meme.
Mel wasn't too happy with the parachuting or the tight rope walking, I had booked the first flying lesson when Mel was diagnosed with breast cancer, that put everything out of my mind.
Reesa, perhaps I should have said pigs loose in a field.
Em, twice in my life, during deep meditation I have felt at one with the All, this is what I was referring to, I hope to achieve that again before I die, perhaps at the moment of death.
No dear friends, I'm not being morbid, death for me is not an end but a new beginning.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr d'Amore said...

Speaking of new beginnings, YOU, dearest Uncle of mine, are a blessing to each and everyone you touch...

I LOVE the idea of you parachuting and tightrope walking... you can do anything!!!! And you should...

As for meeting all those ever so special people, you already have... right there in your heart... and theirs and mine...

Love you so... thanks for posting this, Mom!

New Beginnings said...

Love you answers as well as how well you took care of me at the party! Nick used to parachute before we met, thank goodness, but Mollie saw some of the old pictues and now she wants to try it!!! At this time Mama says "NO"!

Thanks for letting us get to know your brother better Cassie!


Cassie said...

Paul I love your answers and I am honored that you allowed me to post them here. Some things on you list are a little on the risky side so do be careful!!


mthc said...

Wow ..tighrope are quite the man. Love your answers...

david said...

Paul this was good.I would never jump out of plane I don't even like flying in one.

Cassie my poor buns are still sore from Tiggr.

*hugs and grins*

grace said...

Great answers Paul.

I love getting to know more about you. Mel was certainly a lucky lady.