Monday, June 04, 2007

Just visiting

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine has been perfect. I have been with Tom every bit of it. He didn’t even play golf Saturday. I do believe my working has caused him to miss me! I think this is the first time he has ever been home for a long period of time where I was gone for a big part of the day. I have truly loved being at the school but I am looking forward to summer as much as the twins are! Our last day is Thursday.

Tom and I have a trip planned for later in June and I don’t know how long we will be gone. But I am really looking forward to getting away together. I don’t know where all we might go but I am sure we will end up seeing Sue and the other some time. Although we have talked a bit I want to see if she lived up to her part of the bargain with the Wal-Mart toys. I never told her that Tom took me back for the same items, but I am sure Tom will bring it up! LOL!

Tom has been offered another job, me too. No it’s not a real job but it has me worried none the less. Our church wants to offer a series of marriage workshops for younger couples, newly married or young singles. They want Tom and me to participate with other couples who have been married 25 years or more. Tom is thinking about it but I am leery. Of course we would never share some of most valuable secrets because of the social stigma but I just don’t know. I don’t really like giving advice and truly what could I say is my secret to a successful marriage?? Marry someone as wonderful as Tom then spend the rest of your life doing what you think you can get away with and not get caught? I am not sure that is what the church has in mind. We will have to give this more thought.


Anonymous said...

Cassie~ Adam and I do that at our church, too. I would strongly encourage you to do it. They hook you up with a newly married couple and it's not at all about advice. It's more so assurance and encouragement. Younger couples need assured that what they are experiencing is very normal, that it can be worked through, that it doesn't mean love has died, etc... And they need encouraged to always work towards keeping love alive, etc. If they show you the video with the coffee cups, it's the same program we use. I think you and Tom would be perfect!! It has nothing to do with the intimate details of your marriage. It has to do with just being an encouragement... bringing hope to a couple so that they know they are normal and should never give up or give in.


Paul said...

Cassie dear sis, have a great trip, but please don't stay away too long, we will miss you.
Don't put yourself down, I'm sure there is a lot that you and Tom could teach the young ones, shame that one of the main secrets cannot be taught.
But something about love, trust and responsibility you could teach, I know responsibility might be stretching it a bit. Chuckle.
You two could be great role models.
Cassie thanks for your kind words for my story.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr d'Amore said...

You and Tom have a wealth of information to share and are exactly what the youngsters need to see as role models (long as you behave yourself, lol)... you will be GREAT!!!!

Enjoy your last few days and the trip planning, but do please keep us posted on how long you will be gone... you know how much I will miss you! But I know you and Tom deserve this special time together!

Love you, Mom,

Anonymous said...

I've just found these blogs a few weeks ago. As others I've read, I found myself drawn to movies and books with a strong, confident man who is not afraid to spank if needed to have a happy home.

Our children are now in high school, and we have become tag-team parents....not a couple in love. I kind of lost hope in having that again. I was facinated how Bonnie and New Beginnings would RUN to the bedroom the minute the kids went out with friends or a school function, even though pain would be involved. And you and Tom seemed to have exactly what I desire. And I loved to read about your experiences. I was shocked when I discovered after reading several stories that you had been married 30 years. You still seemed like newlyweds....actually better. You have already made a difference in the way I look at our marriage and respond to my husband. I put more priority over his needs now than my two high school children. And you know, we're ALL 4 happier because of it. My kids have a bit of the independence they desire, and my husband and I at least have a sex life again.

In your relationship, the spanking came natural to your husband, at least by the time he married you. You weren't trying to change him into something he wasn't comfortable with. You were the one who had to adjust! While I at least want to experiment, I have not yet presented the idea to my husband, because we are involved in church and I didn't want him to reject me if he could not think about spanking except in a negative kind of way. I was also afraid he would see this as if I wanted him to be my father, more than my husband. I know when I have viewed him as a third child, that has been such a turn off for me. We don't usually have trouble talking to one another about anything. I think between caring for our parents and our children, we have just put each other on the back burner so long, it just takes a little push to get our priorities straight. much too long comment is that you, Bonnie and New Beginnings were that push for me. Thank you for helpiing to look for ways to have fun with my man, and not feel guilty. I can see several marriages in my church I would love to show your blog to. But I better get up the nerve to talk to my husband first!

New Beginnings said...

Cassie you and Tom would be perfect for this task! It is because of your deep love for each other and I am sure that shines from both of you every day. I am sure that is why they asked you in the first place! You go for it!

If I might hijack your comments for a minute --

Anon, this is PK from New Beginnings. One year ago I could have let the exact comment you have left! As you have read in my blog I have found happiness that I never imagined and it continues! If you would like to talk sometime please email me

Cassie let us hear from you on your travels!


Cassie said...

You say you and Adam have done this? I just don't know. I know I might enjoy the interaction but I would worry a bit too!

I should be able to get to a computer at times during our trip. As to the rest of your comment - you rascal! You are beginning to know me all too well!

I have to behave myself? Oh my goodness! I guess I will have to turn them down!

I am delighted that you stopped by. The fact that you realize that you want more from your marriage is a wonderful step. As far as the church goes Tom and I attend every Sunday, I know PK (Elis) teaches Sunday School and Eva is a church goer also. Many of us out here are like minded people.

I see PK left you a comment. I know she also cared for her parents and children so she most definitely has been where you are!

You will find many friends our here if you want them. I feel I am as close to the people here as many I know in real life. Please look around and comment often. We are so happy to happy to have you.


PS. Please pick a name you like so we will know you when you stop by. Thanks

Tom seems interested so I am sure he will look into it more and we will talk.

I promise to check in!

Bonnie said...


If you are inclined, I think you and Tom would be perfect for these workshops. You know far more than you realize. A thousand things that are now second nature to you would be pearls of wisdom to a young couple.

I hope your trip with Tom is thrilling, delightful, and fulfilling. Barring that, I hope you have a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your account.

Anon - Thank you for sharing your story. You are certainly not alone in feeling as you do. Spankings are no panacea, but they can have a wonderful effect upon a tired marriage.

As Cassie and PK said, if you would like to discuss any of these issues, we would be pleased to do so. You can reach me here.


CindysDave said...


Isn't it sad that you can't share the whole truth and nothing but the truth with young couple just entering this phase of their lives.

I can tell you, I would have avoided a lot of heartache and hurting of others if certain things could have been expressed and discussed openly and honestly.

In the end, are we truly doing them a disservice?

I think you and Tom have a TON to offer. I just wish it could be "the whole truth".


Reesa Roberts said...

I agree, Cassie, and I'll bet you've counseled younger couples many times over the years, just in everyday conversation, and never even realized it! I think you two would be wonderful at this!