Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm working on it!

You Are 92% Lady

No doubt about it, you are a lady with impeccable etiquette
You know how to put others at ease, even if their manners aren't the greatest.
Well I think this is pretty good! Of course if I showed it to Tom he would just wonder why I didn’t get 100 %! I saw this over at Em's site and I thought I would see how I would come out as a lady. I guess I am still working on it!!

I am in the dog house again! He said Monday when I went back to school that he didn’t want me getting out and playing on the play ground this week. You all know he is a worry wart! Well I didn’t Monday or Tuesday but today the kids kept begging me and I just love playing with them! So I played dodge ball. I am really good at it considering I am twice the target that the children are! The next class that came out wanted me to play kick ball and how could I turn them down?

When I got home old eagle eye spotted quite a bit of red dirt on my shoes and asked me point blank if I had been playing today. I had to tell him yes, just a little. He was more annoyed than he needed to be since there is absolutely nothing wrong with me! He said “If you can’t behave at school I suppose you know you are in trouble at home.” He took my hand and led me to the bedroom where he proceeded to use the school paddle in an effort to try to convince me of the error of my ways! I know he’s right; I was just being foolish! Tomorrow I'll take a change of shoes!


Anonymous said...

LOL.That really made me smile.I have been reading your blog for a wee while now, in fact its 1 of 2 I read regularly.Funnily enough the other one is completely different,a young woman with a new baby.Thank you so much for sharing your life here.

Anonymous said...

Cassie~ I really, truly want to be just like you when I grow up!!


Paul said...

Cassie, dear girl, do you really think that will work, Tom will check both pairs. You'll wear out that paddle not to mention a certain part of your anatomy.
Dear sis you are delightful, if you're not worrying me, you're making me laugh.
Love you.
Warm hugs,

mthc said...

Cassie,I just love the way your mind works! (be careful though ,Tom is a pro at this)...

Reesa Roberts said...

I think Tom should come up to the school and take over playground time while you just watch, out of harm's way! LOL


emeraldeyes said...

Oh btw, congrats on the 92% lady! I wish my score was as good lol, but I guess 52% will have to do huh?

You could always pretend the other 8%, was what you and Tom do in private. After all we can't always be a lady then, can we? LOL

Big hugs
Em x

emeraldeyes said...

Ok my first comment didn't post, weird!

But I said something along the lines of, you crack me up!
I am learning so much from you, and I love it...

I have to take Tom's side, because he knows you the best and cares. Therefore he must know what is right for you, yes?
However I do hope he deducts some spanks in the future. As your smart mouthed comment was so funny, and brought a much needed smile to my face - that you deserve it lol...

Big hugs and much love,
Em x

PK said...

I don't think you could stay out of trouble for a long stretch if you really tried and I don't think you have ever really tried! So did you play today??


Cassie said...

Thank you for leaving a comment. You just come by anytime!!

The secret Eva, is don't grow up!

Dear Brother, having fun is the main thing and I am really doing that!

Honey, don't I know it. It is getting harder and harder to get anything past him!

That would never work! I have to be in the middle of everything!

Granddaughter I am pretty proud of my score! But you quit siding with Tom!! He doesn't need any help on his side! LOL

You are right honey! And I don't plan to. Did I play? I guess you had to be there to know!

Caryagal said...

Ok... I bet you played!!! Doesn't Tom have a car too? He could drive by right??? I think he'd find your extra shoes!!! :-) I loved the change of shoes!! You're such a hoot! Glad you love to stay young and have fun!!!


CIN-D-GIRL said...

Cassie, you just make me smile! I use that line all the time too ... 'just a little bit.' Just too funny! Seems Tom doesn't think 'a little bit' excuses a good spanking! And a school paddle to boot! You're something else!

Cassie said...

Don't give him any ideas! I did find myself scanning for his car when we were out the next day!

Since I was just playing a little bit I think I should only have a little bit of the spanking. But when these decisions come up Tom doesn't always care what I think!

LOL I would love to play barefoot but I imagine the school would frown on it as well as Tom. I think there have been more spankings since he is home all day with out me! He is the one with too much time to think! Thank goodness most have been on the playful side!!

Tiggs said...

Hi Mom,

Just peeking in for a minute... been away too long and wanted to check on you.

I'm glad you are OK now but please be careful! Love you lots and lots!

CindysDave said...

Such smiles from your post! Sweet! But obviously your spanking didn't do a LICK of good if you have every intention of continuing such behavior.

I suspect the next time Tom catches you on the playground it's going to be considerably more memorable.


Cassie said...

Now Dave, I never said I played the next day. You know a girl never knows when she might need a change of shoes!!

So nice to hear from you!


mushmousejd said...

Dearest Cassie, The answer to getting away with playing "a little bit" on the playground is to........ .keep an EXTRA pair of shoes at school so he will not see the dirt!!!............ .SORRY TOM.. :) Have fun you two.......Julia