Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Triple Meme

Three Things That Scare Me:

Ivory hair brushes
Angry husbands
Computers that won’t work

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:

The twins ( I am counting you both as one)
My school children

Three Things I Love:

Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom…
Being about to spend long, calm, loving days with Tom
Sleeping late (when I am allowed!)

Three Things I Hate/Severely Dislike:

Tom working
Bungee cords
dowel rods

Three Things I Don’t Understand

People who abuse their spouse or children
How to do a blog roll and add all the folk I like as links
Why I don’t always listen to Tom

Three Things On My Desk:

A picture of Tom and me
My cup of coffee
One of my cats

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:

Listening to American Idol
Listening to Tom fuss about me listening to American idol
Paying no attention to what Tom wants at the moment

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

Roller blade / skate board
Celebrate our Diamond Jubilee
Visit the Holy Lands

Three Things I Can Do:

Don’t ask me questions like this! I can do lots of things but they sound unimpressive in light of people with children and careers.

Three Things I Can’t Do:

Stay out of trouble

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:

Your husband/ SO
Your common sense
Your inner child
It is very hard to listen to all three at the same time!

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:

Girl friends who try to talk you into things
People who always find fault

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:

How to ride a motorcycle
How to draw well
To work my computer

Three Favorite Foods:

Apple Pie
Strawberries and cream

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:

We didn’t have TV when I was a kid. I feel so old.

Three Things I Regret:

There are so many things I regret I will not begin to number them

Three People I Tag
I would like to know what Em, Reesa, and Paul would have to say.


Tiggs said...

Oh, Mom, I just love learning more about you! Something tells me that you learning to ride a motorcycle isn't high on Tom's list of goals... and mostl certanly contradicts a few of your own pieces of good advice, but I'd love to ride with you nonetheless!

Love you bunches!

Paul said...

Cassie, I'll do the meme, but you have to post it, OK!
If that's a problem I'll ask someone else.
I love it when you answer meme's, love learning about my sis.
Warm hugs,

emeraldeyes said...

Grams! I, like the others - love learning more about you. And these meme's are great, because they are questions I wouldn't always ask otherwise...

When you ride your motorbike, will it be in leathers? *grins at having a Gran who wears leather, and gives my 'bratting' a run for it's money*

Also I don't know how to blog roll either, and i'm meant to be in the 'computer' generation LOL!

Thank you for tagging me, I have to say my answers wont be as enthralling as yours however. But i'll give them my best shot ;-)

I look forward to reading, Paul's and Reesa's!

Big hugs and much love
Em x

Theresa said...

Love you answers Cassie! They were about that tatoo???


Cassie said...

You are right I don't think this is on Tom's list of approved activities for me! But it would fun!

Paul, my brother, I would be honored to post your answers. I am sure I can figure it out. Answer away!

Now this made me smile! I hadn't really thought about the leather outfit. Maybe that could change Tom's mind.

But bratting, I would never do that!

Well that would be interesting!!

MaggieDear said...

Riding a motorcycle, huh? That does sound like fun. You could escape from Tom's hand just that much quicker! lol

Loved your answers.


Reesa Roberts said...

Love your meme! LOL we had TV when I was a kid, but we had the ONLY color TV set, as my dad worked for a major electronics firm. So our living room was pretty popular!

AI is over for the season! It went WAY too fast but I loved this season! I only missed one show!

Now, come on, tell us your three hidden talents! WE want to know!


Reesa Roberts said...

I just noticed that you tagged me! Good, now I can do a meme instead of paying the bills that I haven't gotten to, yet!


Cassie said...

Maggie if I ever do learn to ride I better learn to ride fast, I would not want to be caught!!

'Al' what's this, is it some good show I'm missing?? I am glad you are going go the meme but do it along with the next chapter. I don't want anyone blaming me for missing a day!!

Lilly honey, thanks you and Reesa have caused me to keep thinking... maybe a blog someday.

Reesa Roberts said...

AI=American Idol, sorry!