Thursday, November 29, 2018

Memes help us get to know one another

I think I saw this meme on Hermione's blog years ago and I know I did it a few years back.  I thought I'd have a go again. I hope a few others will try it. I do think it's the best way to learn more about the different bloggers, without truly giving out personal information.

11.   Is sex best in the morning, afternoon, or night?


2. On which side of the bed do you sleep?

I sleep on the right.

3. Pork, beef, or chicken?

I love them all, but it’s hard to beat Lily’s fried chicken.

4. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?

Not in the past four decades or so, so give me a break.

5. What leg do you put in pants first when putting them on?

Come to think of it I usually sit on the bed and put both leg in at once. Is that strange?

6. Candles or incense?

We don’t burn incense and we don’t burn candles for the aroma too often.

7. Do you dance when no one is watching?

I’ll dance anytime Tom asks me – I don’t care if anyone is watching or not.

8. Did you play doctor when you were little?


9. Stove top cooking or microwave?

What about them? Oh, you want to know which I can use? Let’s just say I know where both are located.

10. Would you rather your car or your house be dirty?


11. Shower or bath?

Both can feel wonderful, but when Tom give me a bath it’s pure bliss.

12. Do you pee in the shower?

I’m sure I have.

13. Mexican or Chinese food?

Definitely Chinese for me, Mexican for Tom.

14. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?

Most definitely aggressive!

15. Do you own sex toys?

We don’t. Tom doesn’t think they’re necessary. I don’t think they’re necessary either – but that doesn’t mean I’d mind experimenting a little.

16. Corn dogs or hot dogs?

Hot dogs for sure. I don’t care for corn dogs.

17. Your favorite restaurant?

Way too many to name. We love good food and we know excellent restaurants across the country.

18. What did you have for lunch today?

Egg salad on toast, fruit and chips.

19. When did you last fall down?

Actually two days ago. I trip over a shoe in the bedroom floor and grateful fell into the bed.

20. Have you ever wished someone were dead?

My first husband – I guess I wished it so hard he finally died.

21. Love or money?

I’ve never lived without blessed finances, I have lived without love and I’d give up money in a heart beat if I could only have one or the other.

22. Credit cards or cash?

Credit cards.

23. Has there ever been anyone in your family you wish wasn’t?

In the family I was born to, yes - me! I often wished I wasn't in that family. In the family we’ve created for ourselves absolutely not!

24. Oreos or vanilla wafers?

Vanilla wafers, the only vanilla things I like! But I like Oreos too.

25. How do you like your steak cooked?


26. How do you like your eggs cooked?

By Tom or Lily.

27. Have you ever knocked someone off their feet in a fight?

I have, more than once as a matter of fact.

28. Would you rather go camping or to a five-star hotel?

 Since I don’t ever plan on going camping I suppose we’ll never know.

29. Would you rather have a root canal or minor surgery?

I’ve had both and see no need to repeat either.

30. Would you shave your entire body (including your head) for money?

I would not.

31. Would you rather have lice or an STD?

Once again a comparison I’ve never had to make and don’t intend to.

32. What’s your favorite hard candy?

 I don’t really like hard candy.

33. Ever been to a strip club?

I have.

34. Ever been to a bar?

Let me think… perhaps.

35. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club?

You had to go there. Yes, I have.

36. Ever been so drunk you had to be carried out of somewhere?

Ever refused to answer a question because it’s no one else’s business?

37. Kissed someone of the same sex?

I have.

(The rest of these questions could come with much explanation – I choose not to explain most of them.)

38. Had sex in the car?


39. Had sex at the beach?


40. Had sex in a movie theater?

Yes – okay, a little explanation, we have a home theater.

41. Had sex in a bathroom?

Yes, in the shower.

42. Have you ever been in an “adult” store?

Once, and paid dearly for the experience.

43. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with?


44. Have you been caught having sex?


45. Have you ever kissed a stranger?


46. Does anyone have naughty pictures of you?

Lord, I hope not.


Ella said...

This one should be titled "THE MEGA MEME." Some of your answers made me laugh, and all of them were fun to read. I especially enjoyed the ones where you overtly imply that the question is "none of your damn business!"

Ella Loves Fried Chicken :)

Katie said...

WHOA!!! Cassie, this has to be the world's longest meme!!! LOL! :) Loved reading all of your answers, some of which I could kind of guess. My fav is definitely #26! Made me laugh so hard! I like my eggs over medium, just in case you were curious. HAHA!

I might have a go at this one of these days. Fun! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

ronnie said...

It's a long one. I loved yours answers, fun to read. Some I kind of guessed and didn't surprise me. Might have to have a go at this one myself.


Windy said...

Laughing at #42 because where I am at in the book, Cassie has not yet gotten in trouble for being at the adult book store that she has been so tempted to go in!! HAHAHAHA I am glad the other gals are here to keep you honest because they would know most of the right answers, I think! I still have no idea if you are twisting the truth or not yet ! I have barely figured out when PK is fibbing to me ! HAHA Hugs! Windy

Cassie said...

Ella - Well you see I liked answering most of the questions - but some deserved to be ignored.

Katie - I'd love to see all your answers. It's long, but fun.

Ronnie - I'm beginning to think you all may know me too well.

Windy - Oh,dear. You in the process of reading all my secrets. I have few things I can hide from my blogger friends.

Minielle Labraun said...

Oh Cassie! I loved this! You sure make me smile with your answers! I think you’ve had sex in quite a few places! I still think Tom should have been happy you went to the adult toy store! ;)
I may try this too!

Rosie Jones said...

Gracious, Cassie, that’s a long meme! I loved your answers, though you did dodge a few!
Rosie xx

Cassie said...

Minella - I think so too! I wasn't slipping into some back alley speakeasy. But Tom is Tom and I wouldn't want him to change.

Rosie - It was long and a few of those needing dodging.

Rosie said...

Oh Cassie, I loved your answers. I just like the way you think!
Rosie Dee

Cassie said...

Thank you, Rosie! There are many who would say I don't think at all!

Terpsichore said...

You lead a fascinating life, Cassie! :-) Hugs

Cassie said...

Terpsichore - You sound like Allie. I guess it has been interesting. Nice to see you here.