Monday, November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving at the River

I’ve thought for several years now that I want to return to blogging. Most of the friends I met when I first began have moved on to other endeavors. But as I’ve lurked and talked to some out here, I know there are fine folks here now.

When I first began blogging, I was trying to fill long lonely hours while Tom was working and I was delighted when I found other women who lived the lifestyle Tom and I had shared for so long. Back then I only got to see Sue and Annie a few times a year. Ryan was just a dear boy who took care of our lawn. Much of the time I was lonely. But God showered us with abundant blessings and these days ‘lonely’ is a feeling I can barely remember.

Everyone came here for Thanksgiving this year! The only ‘family members’ missing were Cal and Jenny.  They were at his folks. Since Jenny has no contact with her parents – thank goodness, I have claimed her as my own. Cal has to deal with me as a mother-in-law and you can all imagine how he loves that!

Sixteen sat down at our extended table. Lily and Allie acted as chefs with Drew and Jackson training as sous chefs. Drew is Allie’s ‘little’ brother – he stands at six feet seven inches! He began dating Henry’s son, Jackson, several months ago and they both seem very happy. Henry’s daughter Lacey, pitched in wherever she was needed. She’s recently begun dating a fine young man and he joined us also. We were so happy that Chris and Kate, Allie and Drew’s parents, flew in from London. But having one more ‘mother’ at the gathering finally caused Allie to have a small blow up.

We had finished our lovely meal and Allie and Lacey were bringing the desserts to the table. Kate leaned in to whisper something to Annie and then they both looked up at Allie. I saw Allie stop in her tracks and set the two pies she was carrying onto the island.

“Alright, I’ve had enough! It’s time we all had a ‘Come to Jesus Meeting!’” I inwardly smiled at her use of one of Lily’s favorite sayings. Lily used it when she was particularly upset with something Sue and I had done. But I had no idea what Allie was talking about. She soon let us know.

“I’m sick of the looks, the whispers, the questions you can’t quite bring yourselves to ask. I feel it every time I say I’m tired, every time I turn down a glass of wine, every time I say I’ve gained a few pounds and every time I say something about not feeling well.

“Every time one of those things happens, everyone around gets the little light in their eyes, that hopeful look on their face then immediately looks at my stomach.

“I am not pregnant! I am intentionally trying not to get pregnant. And you people and your hopes and dreams and speculations are driving me crazy!”

We all sat a little stunned, although I’m sure each of us would have had to admit the truth in her accusations. Allie finally gave us a little smile as she went over and put her arms around her mother’s neck. “I know how much you are all looking forward to grandchildren. And Ryan and I have every intention of giving them to you – but in our time, not yours. Give me a break. I’m barely twenty-three. You act like we’re going to sneak off and have an baby in secret. When we get pregnant, we’ll let you all in on it – I swear. But please, please stop speculating every time you see me!”

Those of us around the table gave somewhat of a collective sigh. She was right and several of us began to apologize. Sue, however, was true to form when she piped up and said, “You sure you’re not pregnant? You sound pretty hormonal to me.” That got us all laughing and with a deep eye-roll Allie and Lacey got back to serving dessert.

Later that afternoon I happened to see Allie on the deck alone and joined her. “Have we really been that bad, honey?” I asked her.

She sighed, “Yes, Mom, you’ve really been that bad. And it’s not just you wanna-be grandmas either. Tom, Steve, Andy and my dad are nearly as bad.

I nodded as I chuckled. It was true, Tom and I often spoke about a potential grandchild and he was every bit as enthusiastic as I.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do with y’all when we do have a baby. We may have to move away to keep the kid from being spoiled rotten by more grandparents than we can hold back.”

I gave her a stricken look and she quickly put her arm around me. “Mom! I’m kidding. We’d never leave the river and all of you. You can spoil our child as much as you want – with your time. But if we didn’t rein you guys in, the poor kid would have a bike, a motorcycle, a pool, a puppy and a pony before he was a year old!”

I sighed and nodded at her. She wasn’t wrong. “Cassie, you’re going to be the best grandma in the world. You should have a dozen grandchildren. But I’m afraid I just can’t do that for you. Can you settle for one or two.

“Oh, you know I can!” I told her with a big smile. Little did either of us know at the time, that indeed, in the future I was to be the grandmother of an even dozen.

So I’m backing off. No more pushing for Allie and Ryan to have a baby right this minute. But I do want to be able to be nimble enough to get on the floor to play with the child when he or she comes. And I’m not getting any younger! But I’ll quit pushing. Maybe.


Ella said...

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In fact, the last time you wrote, I thought of you all having your big meal together along the river. You had some extra folks that I hadn't thought of. The family keeps growing!

When the time is right, I am sure Allie will be a fine mom. Since I have always thought of you as "young at heart", I am sure any child lucky enough to be born into your family will be loved and treasured.

Love and Hugs,

Windy said...

I am still getting to know Cassie, so I don't know very many of these people just yet. But, I am wondering what kind of fish you have in that river!!!!!!! LOL! Hugs! Windy

Rosie Jones said...

How lovely to have so many family and friends at your table for Thanksgiving, Cassie. It’s good to see you posting again.
Rosie xx

Cassie said...

Ella - I love that the family keeps growing. I never dreamed we'd be so fortunate. Allie will make a marvelous mother - the sooner the better!

Windy - I understand that, we've grown our family slowly. I am not a fisherman! Too slow pace for me, but I love eating what the other catch. We have speckled trout, redfish , flounder, and striped bass.

Rosie - Thank you. I think I'm going to enjoy being back.

I appreciate you girls stopping by,

ronnie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. So good to see you back.


Cassie said...

Ronnie, it's always wonderful to hear from you. And you a new grandmother! How lucky you are.

Katie said...

So happy to hear that you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Cassie! :) Awww jeeez!! I was hoping that Allie was going to say she was pregnant too. The good news is that it will happen. I'm with you- can't wait to be a Gran! I will wait along with you. LOL! Maybe she will go on to have twins, that should help you make up for lost floor playing time!
Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Cassie said...

Katie - Oh good, we can wait together. I was kinda hoping for a couple of sets of triplets!

Aimless Rambling said...

Oh Cassie, I've missed you. So glad you're blogging again. As for grandchildren, they come and they're grown so fast your head spins.

Cassie said...

Leigh - I imagine you're exactly right. But I still can't wait to grab hold for the ride!