Saturday, November 17, 2018

I'm thinking of coming back. Are you still lurking?

I know, I know – I have no right whatsoever to be here. But when has something like that ever stopped me? It’s been a full year since I posted here and would you believe that I still have lurkers?

I wasn’t going to post this year, but new and interesting ideas have come to mind. PK is asking for more stories. Will I be doing another book? Who knows, but I do still have more to say. I wouldn’t be posting often, heaven knows. But it has certainly piqued my interest.

I’ve enjoyed doing the books. I hope some of you will read them if you haven’t. They have recently been re-edited but we’re still waiting for Blushing to send these newly edited copies to Amazon so that you can up-date your Kindle to the better edited version or if the books are new to you and you’d like to try them I hope to have these better edited one ready for you soon. They may even be coming out in paperback. Of course I’ve been hoping this for several months now, so…

I’m using Love our Lurkers Day as a way of asking if you’d be willing to drop by if I do start posting a little again. It’s not going to be wildly exciting every time, but Tom and I did have a lovely second honeymoon and things are always hopping here at the river. All the family is well. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from everyone soon.



ronnie said...

You bet I would. I've loved Cassie from the moment I found her.

Coming out in paperback, I hope so. How wonderful it would be to see them in our book shops.


James Stephenson said...

Have a great LoL day and successful comeback

Ella said...

Dear Cassie,
You can bet your ivory hairbrush I would be here to visit. I am a huge fan! Do you know anyone else who rereads her Cassie books every few months? I will be hoping and waiting. Wishing you and Tom a Happy Thanksgiving.

Hugs From Ella

Rosie Jones said...

Cassie, of course I’d love to hear more from you. The books are great but I’ve missed your blog posts. Get to it!
Rosie xx

Windy said...

Technically, here I am a lurker! I know Cassie's friend, PK, but I do not yet know Cassie herself. Sometime soon, I will have to introduce myself! If she is anything like that PK and all her shenanigan, I sure I would love her. How neat to read about her and then come back here and actually talk with her! I think this is wonderful! Hugs! Windy

NoraJean said...

Love the stories of you and Tom, Cassie! ... come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Cassie - That would be great if you would start to blog again. I’ve been a lurker since 2012. Your blog was one of the first blogs I read. I’ve read all your books too. I feel like I’ve gotten to know you very well along with all of your friends. I look more about hearing about your adventures and everyday life. Amyee

Cassie said...

Ronnie! - so good to hear from you again. I hope to be here more regularly and I hope you'll be here too!

Thank you, James! It's sweet of you to come by.

Elly - Oh honey, I'd bet that ivory brush on my ability to sprout wings and fly away! So glad you came by! I'm excited for Thanksgiving. We're expecting nearly the whole family!

Rosie - Thank you! I'm really looking forward to being back.

Windy, honey - I've heard all about you from PK and I'd love to have you drop by any time. She does make you sound delightful!

I appreciate that Nora Jean. I do want to get back into the habit of writing.

Amyee - I do remember you, honey! We're not wild and crazy all the time but there may be a few stories that would interest you.

I hope a few more folks will drop by. I'd forgotten how much fun this was.

Baker said...

You always impress me, Cassie! So happy to see your LOL post up and you chatting with all the wonderful people out in the land! Have a great LOL day!


Minielle Labraun said...

You were one of my first forays into the land so you know I’d be here!

Terpsichore said...

Cassie, you were one of my first friends I met here in the land and I am always delighted to visit you. Hugs

Cassie said...

Baker - I have missed coming here. I've never been good at staying quiet!

Minelle - Thank you so much! I love having you visit.

Terpsichore - Honey, I am always delighted to have you too!

Lindy Thomas said...

Oh Cassie I'd love to visit if you start posting more. Loved all your stories.
Go for it girl!
Hugs Lindy xx

Cassie said...

Lindy - So nice to see you here. I'm so happy you're still checking. I'll try to be here more for sure.

Katie said...

Hiya Cassie!! :) yes Yes YES!!! I'd love to read new posts from you. I miss hearing all about the fam! Plus, I've been wondering what mischief you and the ladies are getting into. Mostly, reading your stories feel like coming home to old friends! PK sure does a wonderful job taking your dictation! LOVE her!😍

Hi to Everyone! Enjoy the weekend! Happy LOL Day! Many hugs,

❤️Katie xoxo

Emerging Lurker said...

Cassie, I would certainly stop by. I'd love to hear more of your adventures.

Princessimp said...

Hi Cassie! Sounds like fun! Come back! And happy LOL Days!


Cassie said...

Katie! - PK does type well, doesn't she? I'm glad you'll be by, though I have no idea why you'd think any of us would be up to mischief. I'll tell the family you've been thinking of them.

EL - I'm so happy. I'll certainly try to give you a reason to visit.

PrincessImp - I do love your name! I'll be back some for sure.

wolfman7446 said...

By all means, please come back


Cassie said...

Rick - Thank you. It's nice to know some will still be coming by.

Windy said...

Hello, again, Cassie! Ivory hairbrush, huh? YOUCH, girl! Well, I have just met you about 4 chapters ago.....I can see why you and PK are such close friends. Does she swear as much as you do? And I wonder if this is something you will outgrow as you get older ..... I doubt it! Nice to meet you, Cassie! Hugs! Windy

Cassie said...

So nice to see you here again. The ivory brush is a horror, at least it’s not used often anymore. Perhaps Tom will eventually retire it. Tom and I have been married more than forty years now. He’s very particular about bad language so I never curse anymore – in front of Tom, anyway. I appreciate you reading my stories. I apologize for PK, she can be pushy about them at times.


Rosie said...

Oh Cassie,
You don't know me but I've read all your books and LOVED them! You make me laugh a lot and I've even cried with you. I would dearly love to hear more. I've often wondered what has been happening with all of you since the last book. So, along with everyone else here, I want to say that I will happily read more books or on your blog. Just tell us more!
Rosie Dee