Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sailing the high seas

We have a wonderful trip in the works. We are going on another cruise. But this won’t just be another trip. All five couples that are such good friends are going – the same five couples that were on the first cruise I wrote about. LOL! If you are fairly new to my blog you might want to go here and read about that trip. We five have been together many times since but we have not been able to go on a cruise together. Now there will be no repeat of some of the activities on the last cruise – I ma not in a gambling mood!! But I am so very excited! It will also give me a chance to give Steve a piece of my mind! I am still mad at him!

This is a ten day cruise but we will be gone at least two weeks. I love cruises! I love everything about them, the food, the drinks, the shows, the shopping – you can get facials, massages – you are waited on hand and foot. These are all wonderful things. So I get all of that plus time with Tom and time with Sue and the other girls. And I do plan to cut lose and do what I want!

Ryan is house-sitting for us. He will be looking after the cats and the yard too. I have a feeling he will be doing a lot of looking at Allie too. We check this plan out with Kate and Andrew before we asked Ryan. Tom gave Ryan some rules about guests. He can had one friend (male) come visit if he likes, and the friend would be welcomed to stay here too. Allie is welcomed to visit on the deck but no females under the age of 40 are to be visiting inside the house.

We are leaving next Thursday. I may have access to the internet some from the ship so I may be checking my email while we are gone. I’ll be back before we go. If any of you have ideas for Sue and I let me know. If I have to behave around the children I need to get the misbehaving out of my system somewhere!


david said...

Two weeks I can't go that long with out my Cassie mom (sigh)

Ryan and Allie on the deck after dark interresting.

Love and hugs,

Hermione said...

It sounds wonderful, Cassie. Have a great time!


Paul said...

Cassie sweet sis, I'm definitely not going that long without hearing from my favourite sister, so take my address with you.
No, you really don't want to repeat some of your escapades from the last cruise, you would like the results even less.
Enjoy the cruise, have fun, no skinny dipping at midnight, you don't want to hauled up before the Captain, twenty-five with the rope's end isn't funny, neither would Tom's reaction be, I wonder will he take the ivory hairbrush.
How about some idea of your itinerary.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Marie said...

Oh, you are a lucky girl, Cassie. Perhaps instead of just watching some shows, you and Sue could participate in some shows? I'm sure Tom would love his little southern belle to....well, maybe not. But do have a lovely time with your darling Tom and your lady friends. Let us know what sort of revenge you seek on Steve.

lessa{D} said...

a cruise.. wowwwwwww.. mmmm, I'd love to do that one day.. but even more I wanna visit the USA... grinnnnnn... first to see Mthc and David... and then all my other friends...

I hope you have a wonderfull time..

love, lessa

mthc said...

Enjoy yourself Cassie mom...i'll miss you..

Cassie said...

You are sweet David. I miss you too! But I will try to be in touch sometime.

I plan to!

I would not like to go that long with our talking to you either brother.

But I do plan to have a good time and if Tom get too picky well, he is going to have to get over it!

I have tried to get Tom to do the newlywed game with me on a cruise before but I couldn't talk him into it!

Steve will get his!! I promise!

You would love the US. Of course you would love a cruies too! I hope you get to experience both some day!

I will miss you too baby!