Saturday, July 12, 2008

Being a grown up

My life seems so full these days. I never really thought of myself as lonely before but suddenly my life is full of people. I love our community. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors. Beside Kate and Andrew and their children right next door there are may other we have gotten to know from young married folks to several couples near our age.

There are several of us who bike together and some of these ladies often invite us/me over for coffee in the morning or drinks in the afternoon. But the most fun of all are the children in my life! Ryan comes and helps with the yard. He does such good work that several neighbors wanted to hire him too. So for the past few weekends he has come and spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with us.

Yard work is not the only thing bringing Ryan here. He and Allie are an item. They are very cute together and I think it is so sweet. They are both such nice kids. I really love spending time with them and also with Drew and his buddies. I have gotten in a few more games of paint ball on the sly. And a few rides on his scooter.

But there is a little trouble that I have to work through. I was out on the boat with the children. We got back about a quarter to 3, a bit later than we said we would. Everyone was on the dock as we came back in, Kate, Ryan and Tom. They were a quiet bunch as we tied up.

That didn’t last long. “You’re late.” Tom began. “You said you would be back at 2!” Kate chimed in right behind him. Then Ryan starts in as he helped Allie from the boat “You really had your mother worried. Why didn’t any of you take your phones?” It was really Ryan that got my attention. I swear I am going to start calling the boy ‘Tom Jr.’! They had identical looks on their faces.

“I’m so sorry.” I began, “It’s all my fault. We…” Tom cut me off with “I didn’t doubt that for a minute.” As I shot him a dirty look Allie said “Mom you knew we were with Cassie, we were alright!”

Kate was kind enough to pretend that that was not a ridicules statement. I think the eye rolling by both Tom and Ryan in unison was a bit much. Tom said “Come on up to the house Cassie I want to talk to you.” Talk my butt! But I didn’t need him saying any more there so I told the children that I had had a wonderful time and that I was very sorry to have gotten them home late.

Three guesses of the position I was in during our ‘talk’. Strangely enough Tom actually seemed more into talking than spanking. I think putting me over his lap to talk has become a force of habit! He fussed about being late but that wasn’t his focus. “Cassie our neighbors are raising fine children. They listen to their parents and do as they are asked and YOU are not going to be a bad influence on them! You are an adult and when you indicate it is alright to stay out longer than their parents say then they think they can listen to you and I won’t have you getting them into trouble.”

Unfortunately the fact that he was probably right hurt more than the spanking. Although he built up some pretty good intensity as he discussed the lack of cell phone on the excursion. But when he let me up and gave me a hug I guess he said something I really needed to hear “Honey, Allie is not Sue. I know you enjoy spending time with her but you HAVE to be the grown up. Now I am telling you if you cause her to get in trouble with her parents I will wear you out! Do you understand me??” I do understand. I love that girl and it would kill me if something I did backfired on her. I will behave. Well only around Allie, but you know what I mean!

There is another trip in the works. I’ll tell you all about it soon.


david said...

Cassie Mom, You kept them out later only because of the fun all of you were having. I am on your side on this one but I know that next time you will do the right thing.

Love and hugs,

Eva said...

Cassie~ I'm cringing. Tom's right. Of course though, you already knew that. But still, your spunk is the best out here!!! Hey, here's a thought... I know of a bunch of adults who would LOVE to get into trouble with you!!!



New Beginnings said...

Alright Cassie, behave around Allie if you must but do not let it become a habit in the rest of your life!! We love Tom and we don't want him to go into shock or feel he has lost his wife. It is fine to act respectable around children and be yourself the rest of the time. I do it all the time!

I would like to second Eva's comment. I too can think of a few adults you could really be yourself around!

I am very, very happy for all the new people in your life and just a bit jealous too. Keep busy but don't forget us!


Southern Angel said...

Hi Cassie,

The brat in me hates to agree with Tom, but I have to in this case. At least take your cell phone with you so you can call and no one will worry. :)

mthc said...

All right mom..i have to agree with Tom..have fun..BUT TAKE YOUR CELL PHONE!!

Spanked Italian Gal said...

I think all those youngsters in your life are very fortunate to have you and Tom as neighbors. But, as usual Tom is right. I am with Sara, the "positions" our men place us in when lecturing etc, has alot to do with our ability to not only hear better but understand better as well. ;)
I Gal

Cassie said...

Lilly, you are right about it coming from Tom. I would have been devastated to hear it from Kate or Andrew.

That's my boy!

Sweetie I hear you and I wish I could!! I can't wait to read all about it!

I promise I have not really changed! Tom will still have his wife but i will behave around the kids.

Don't worry I will never forget my friends here.

I agree with you 100%. I think I can hear just as well sitting up but I rarely get the chance to try!

SA, Mthc,
I wish the darn cell phone had never been invented!! It has gotten me spanked numerous times!

I Gal,
I will admit that position is the one that will cause me to agree with Tom the quickest.

Paul said...

Cassie dear sis, I love the kids in our family and I tend to forget the time too.
I also cannot think of a position that is better for getting your woman to listen and good.
Mel found herself in that position more that once.
Tom is right as he so often is, isn't that irritating. Chuckle
Folk of the grandparent generation do tend to spoil the young ones, and sometimes go contrary to the parents wishes.
Misbehave with your peers, it's your butt, but----!!!
Love and warm brotherly hugs,