Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't forget me!

I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the party and I thank all of your for coming! It was wonderful to hear from so many of you.

We are headed out tomorrow afternoon and I am so excited I could pop! Tom spends half his time laughing at me and the other half warning me! How silly I know exactly how to conduct myself! I have packed my cast iron panties and I am good to go. I will pass up the casino but I plan to take part in everything else that can be done on a cruise – drinking, dining, shopping, shows, swimming, wall climbing, surfing, snorkeling, para-sailing, and anything else they offer. Of course I will be an angel as usual!

I need to tell you about part of a conversation I overheard the other day. I have told you that Tom and Ryan have become even closer over this summer. They often sit on the deck when Ryan takes a break and talk. I was starting out the door the other day and I heard Tom say “It’s our job to keep them safe. We have to protect them, even from themselves at times.” They saw me then and Tom got up to get me a chair and the conversation was dropped.

But I confronted Tom late “Just want are you telling that boy?” I wanted to know.

Tom was very patronizing as he told me it had just been ‘man talk’. That wasn’t good enough. “Tom don’t you dare tell that child that you spank me!”

“Cassie” he countered “I am not the one telling the world that I spank you.” That took me back a little bit, but this is completely different!! He told me to relax he was just answering the questions Ryan asked him. I would surely like to set in on those talks. I love watching him and Allie together. They seem to adore each other. But they will have to do their adoring over at her house while we are gone. They are both good kids and Kate and Andrew are good parents but I think ‘Trust, but verify’ is probably their motto.

We will be gone a couple of weeks. Please don’t forget me. I will be checking my email once and a while and if I can get away from Tom for a bit I will check some blogs too!!

Love you friends,


mthc said...

We won't forget you..have a great time and don't do too much wall climbing..

cowgirl6510 said...

Forget you? How could we, Cassie??? Have a great time on your cruise.

grace said...

Have a great time! We will miss you, but we will be excited to hear all the stories that you will certainly have to tell!


Anonymous said...

Have a blast, Cassie!!! We will miss you!!!


New Beginnings said...

Cassie I am sure there are many people I meet in my real life that I will forget but I will NEVER forget you!

I know you will have a ball on your trip but I sure wish you were going on ours!

You take care - make all your spankings good girls!!


Caryagal said...

have a great trip Cassie! And YES!!! Stay away from the casino!!!!



Spanked Italian Gal said...

Have a great time. There is no way I could ever forget you. You are simply one of the best. I have never been on a cruise but J plans to take me soon. Enjoy time with your Tom, and try not to rock the boat too much. LOL. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.
I Gal

david said...

I could never forget my mom. I will miss you but I know your in good hands with Tom. Have the best time of your life.

Love and hugs,

Paul said...

Cassie, the chance of me forgetting you are equal to me flying to the Moon unassisted.
Have a great time sis, may all your spankings be good girls.
Come back safe and full of stories.
Love and big brotherly hugs,

Terpsichore said...

how could anyone forget you? Have a great time! :-)