Sunday, September 09, 2007

67 + 37 = 104! Oh my!

I have been having a good time this past week! We are getting ready for a trip! My birthday and our anniversary are this month. And Tom is taking me on a trip! How different this is from last year! For long time readers you might remember that I was getting ready to tell Tom that I had been blogging for quite a while. I knew he was going to be upset and I was RIGHT!! It was a tense, tough time for me. But my Tom, my wonderful Tom finally listened to me. I might have been sitting sensitive for a day or two but it could not have turned out better in the long run! I do love this man!!!

I have been hinting, asking, begging for a certain birthday gift. Tom always says ‘NO’. He says I don’t need it and he doesn’t want me to have it. I haven’t given up hope. He has been known to surprise me!

Most of you are much younger than I am and I am so grateful that you have accepted me as one of you and let me come out here and play. What a wide circle of diverse friends I have made here. My blogger friends are so dear to me, Mthc and David and PK have also email often lately to keep my spirits up and they really have done so. They laugh at me kindly about my mothering ways but they see that I need to mother a bit. There is something else I found out here, something I never thought I would have. How many people get a big brother when they are in their 60’s? Paul is the closes to me in age. He has been so kind and supportive since the first word I wrote. He never hesitated to side with Tom, NEVER! LOL! But he and Tom are very much alike that I cherish his comments both as what dear Paul thinks and because it is as the closestest to what Tom might say. This family out here is very dear to me!

We will be gone for at least 2 weeks, possible longer but I WILL check in whenever I can. We often stay somewhere where I can at least check my email and sometime sneak and look at a blog or two if Tom is not paying attention! So I will not be disappearing this year! We will probably be leaving Thursday or Friday.

I will be 67 on Saturday. Sixty-seven! How in the world did that happen? Now that age is all well and good, but this birthday spanking is nothing to sneeze at! Not to mention 37 more for our anniversary later in the week!! If nothing else I want to show all you children that love does not diminish with age. We love each other so much more now that we did the day we were married. I know Tom is old fashion and some of you probably think he is too controlling but he is everything I have ever wanted. I did not realize when we married that spanking would be so prevalent I our marriage but by far most of them are loving and caring and exactly what I need. I am the luckiest lady you will ever meet!


BB said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ANNIVERSARY! I hope you and Tom have a very fun and relaxing vacation. You are one of the sweetest people I have met in the blogging world. You are just real and down to earth. I want a man just like Tom some day!

david said...

I'm so glad Tom let you continue to blog. Happy Birthday to you sweet one and a huge Happy Anniversary for you and Tom!

*love and hugs*

Anonymous said...

I'm sure, age has been gentle to you with such a nice partner. Hope there will be many happy years together.

Paul said...

Cassie dearest sister, you have brought much pleasure to your friends and I'm sure will continue to do so.
Have a wonderful birthday, (I thought that you were younger,) and a marvellous anniversary.
Even for a good girl a hundred and four is a lot of spanks, however I'm sure that Tom will make them fun for you.
I know that it will be difficult, but try not to get up to too much mischief while you are away. :-)
Have a great time and please take notes!!!
I've just realised that your birthday is the same as my mother's, only she was somewhat earlier. She died the year that you were born, in August, another victim of WW11
Some coincidence.
Love you Cassie.
Warm fraternal hugs,

mthc said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday.
104 spanks..i hope that's in installments.I agree that you are a lucky lady but i'm sure Tom thinks he's just as lucky.
Enjoy your trip,I/your children (And brother I'm sure ) will miss you.Btw..your the coolest soon to be 67 year old i know.

x said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary, cassie. :)
padme amidala

hestia said...

Cassie, 2 wonderfull festivities for you to celebrate with Tom. From Europe I am wishing you and Tom a wonderfull time together and many more years to come from DragonM and me...

104 spanks... mmmmm, now 1 advice, if there is a pool were you go have a swim after the spanking ;-)

love, lessa

PK said...

I remember sweating bullets for you this time last year! I am so happy for you now. You are a true joy to all of your friends out here. I can think of many things you might want for your birthday but I can't think of exactly what you might be wanting.

Keep in touch on the trip if you can but don't get yourself in trouble!


Theresa said...

You are the luckiest lady I have ever had rhe privilege to know yet not meet. Wouldn't that be a great day, if we could? And I admire and would love to meet Tom, also. Like PK once said, I want to grow up to up to be you! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, have a great and safe trip, and enjoy your life...sounds like you have a great one!

I love you!

Caryagal said...

Happy Birthday and Anniversary!!! WOW! Such wonderful kind words. Thank you for all of them! I will still check regularly!! :-) We will miss you so very much!

Take care and have a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!


Cassie said...

Bless your heart and thanks for coming by. I hope you will come back when we are back!

Thank you David honey, you keep getting better while we are gone. I want to hear you are all better when we get back!!

My Tom tells me I am still beautiful and that is all that really matters. As long as we are together age won't matter a bit!

My brother I am but a few years younger than you. I am honored to have the connection with you through your mother.

I have been so good lately that I am surprised Tom hasn't traded me in on someone fun!

Thanks! Once Tom gets going its his job to count. And he better not lose track!! I will miss all of you too! Don't forget me!

Thank you so much. You are a sweet girl!

That is a wonderful idea, I love to swim but Tom will have to be gentle about any marks!

It is hard for me to even think about last year at this time! We are so happy now.

I know Tom is working on a surprise for my birthday but what I want doesn't take much planning. Oh well, I will let you know soon.

I do have a wonderful life and I know it. I get to spend my day and nights with the most wonderful man in the world! I wish everyone could have a marriage like ours!

We will be home before you know it. Thank you for being so loyal!

Purple Angel said...

Happy Everything Cassie! This is my first time reading your blog and its wonderful. I took time to read many entries. I just turned 56 and got my first birthday spanking ever! What a wonderful gift and experience.

I am also very lucky to not only have a partner in my life but an "older brother" who truly helps me stay in line and takes care of me. I have wanted this all my life and I feel so fortunate to have found it.

Hope your trip is wonderful!

Best wishes,
Purple Angel

CeeCi said...

I hope I'm getting this to you before you head out the door for your much anticipated trip! Happiest Birthday, dearest Cassie and Happy Anniversary too!

I can't do anything about the math for your celebrating, only Tom can do that, but I do have a bit of math to share about your age. After a certain age it just doesn't matter anymore. It's only a number and since it is only a number, why not play with it? So, with my magical birthday, new math system, you're only 13.... 6+7=13. Trust me, anyone willing to ride a scooter around the driveway is 13! You're young at heart.

Have a safe and wonderful trip!

*Big Hugs*

grace said...

Awww Cassie, don't you know that age doesn't mean anything on the internet? HA!

Happy Birthday Dear Lady! I am so glad that everything worked out ok last year and that you are still here!

I don't think Tom is too strict! He knows his woman and he knows the limits. You may not like his limits, but hey, where would you be without him??

Happy Anniversary! I can only hope to grow up to be just like you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Cassie!! I'm sorry to be so late!

Happy, HAPPY Birthday & Happy Anniversary to you both from Paul and me, and of course, your grandson! I hope every one of those glorious 104 spanks are as warm and wonderful as you and Tom are together! - hee hee!

I'll miss you, but will smile thinking about you two - and, of course, I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Love, Lilly

Dove said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. How inspiring to see the love and passion you and Tom still have for each other. I will admit to getting a bit teary eyed. Love like this wonderful and is to be cherished. Have a lovely time away and I am sure you will enjoy every moment of it.