Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Meme from Lilli

Now you all know I can't pass up a good meme. I don't get to post my stories here much anymore, but I can keep up a little this way.

Who’s the oldest?
I’m older than Tom by three and a half years. I’ve been embarrassed about this most of our married life, but it’s true.

Who was interested first?
I’d have to say Tom, because I didn’t see him the first time he saw me. But the next weekend, when I saw him I knew I wanted him!

Same high school?

Most sensitive?
Probably me, but Tom is a sensitive soul too.

Worse temper?
Tom is the soul of patients, so I guess I’d have to say me – but I don’t really think I have a temper, I just get annoyed at times.

More social?
We’re both very social, but I probably win out by a bit.
More stubborn?
Tom! Definitely Tom on this one!

Wakes up first?
Always Tom.

Bigger family?
Me, I had one brother. Never really considered him family, but Tom had no siblings.

Yes! I love them and Tom sends them fairly often.

Cooks the most?
Well I can tell you it’s certainly not me! Tom and Lily share cooking duties.

Cries more?
That would be me. I’ve seem Tom cry very few time in our marriage.

Better singer?
Tom, he has a beautiful voice.

Said I love you first?
It was Tom and I didn’t believe him for a minute. I wasn’t sure back then that true love existed. He has since convinced me that it exists indeed.

Better driver?
I am a perfectly fine driver, but I’ll give this one to Tom.

Hogs the remote?
Neither, but Tom usually has it if we watch TV together.

Clothes and shoe hoarder?

Neither. I have the most clothes and shoes, but I’m not a hoarder – I give away outfits and shoes when I grow tired of them.


Minielle Labraun said...

No temper? Hmmmm not sure that's true! Lol! If someone decides to hurt your family.... I think you show 'a bit' of temper! You'd take them down for sure!

Cat said...

Great answers, have to agree with Minelle. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Ella said...

Cassie, it is always so much fun to visit when you have a new meme. Truly Tom is always the more patient of the two of you. At least until he says, "That's enough." Then I do not think you should test him.

If you are headed down to your island getaway any time soon, please consider inviting PK and I. It is that time of year when I wake up saying, "Winter Sucks."

Hugs From Ella

ronnie said...


Have to agree with Cat and Minelle:) Enjoyed reading your answers.


Cassie said...

Now Minelle, Cat and Ronnie - I hardly ever have a temper unless Tom pushed me into it. Well, perhaps you're right in a small way.

Tom truly is patient, other wise he'd have done me in by now. The island would be a perfect place for a blogger get away. But Tom is definitely not in favor.

Lindy Thomas said...

Cassie, I loved all your answers. MMM I agree with the others. Think I've noticed a bit of a temper on occasions.

Hugs Lindy xx

Cassie said...

I suppose there might be a grain of truth in what you've noticed, but most of the time I have the disposition of an angel, just ask... well don't ask anyone, just believe me!

Baker said...

Sorry I missed this meme from you, Dear Cassie. We were on vacation with our kiddos trying our hand at an indoor water park. I highly recommend the experience for you as long as Tom is not around. Those indoor slides can get a little hairy at times, but the hot tub makes for a quick fix for the aches and pains.

I think the little temper I have noticed always revolves around your loved ones, so it's definitely justified or 'righteous' angry. Loved your take on the meme.