Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday surprise

This story started back here.

The next morning I woke happy and content, but I had barely had time to stretch before Tom had pulled me across his lap and proceeded to warm my bottom in a rapid manner. “What are you doing?” I growled at him.

“As long as we’ve been together and you don’t know what I’m doing? I must need practice.” He insisted and he increased the pace. “I was just thinking that Sue will be here in about 4 hours. I thought I’d get a head start.”

I squirmed off his lap and Tom let me go laughing. I grabbed my robe with as much dignity as I could muster at the moment, headed to the bath room and slammed the door soundly. I could still hear Tom laughing and I had to smile. Old devil, he does knows us well.

I was so happy to see everyone and show them around. They all seemed very impressed with our accommodations. We spent time on the beach and in the ocean. Ryan, Allie and Drew rented the Jet Ski. We ladies biked around the little town and did some shopping. I was a good as gold and it wasn’t hard since surrounded by all the people I love the most.

At dinner that evening Tia out did herself, everything was delicious. The wine had been flowing freely since afternoon. We were telling old stories and laughing so hard most of us were in tears. I’ve been through a lot with these people. Tom was as relax and happy as I’ve ever seen him.

Dinner was over and we were all out by the pool when I saw Tom and Steve in a deep conversation. I didn’t pay much attention, but I noticed as they slipped into the house together. Shortly they returned and Tom came to stand by me clearly looking like he had something to say. Gradually everyone turned to look at him as he began.

“As you know we are all here to celebrate Cassie’s birthday.”

I rolled my eyes, “Just don’t anyone say which one!” I insisted.

Tom went on. “I think you will all agree that Cassie can be somewhat difficult to buy for.” Everyone laughed and nodded. “But I think I’ve found a little something she might like.” Tom had pulled a small box from his pocket.

“Tom told me what he was getting.” Steve spoke up. “I was pretty sure Cassie would like it and all I could think of was how much Sue was going to whine and carry on because she hadn’t gotten the same thing. You all know how she can be.” We all looked at Sue and laughed as she decided whether to be indignant or amused. As we laughed Steve pulled a box from his pocket that matched the one Tom was holding.

I admit the boys had my attention. Tom is a wonderful gift giver, but Sue and me receiving the same gift? That seemed a little strange. I mean we’re a bit old for matching bracelets. Steve walked over to Sue as Tom stood in front of me and offered the little box. I gave him a quizzical look before taking it and slipping off the top. Inside nestled in cotton was a key, to what I had no idea. Glancing at Sue I saw her holding a key also. The first thing that crossed my mind was that the boys had gotten us each a jet ski but that didn’t seem right somehow and it wasn’t the right kind of key. I looked at Tom questioningly.

“Honey,” Tom began, “it‘s yours together. You and Sue are now the proud owners of this house and all that goes with it.” I felt like I’d been hit with an electric current. I stared at Tom unable to speak. This house, this magnificent home that I had been marveling over for days was mine? Mine and Sue’s? As the news sank in I burst into tears and grabbed Tom. Tom has surprised me many, many times in our marriage but none more than this. The house with two master wings, what could be more perfect? Once again Tom had managed to outdo himself when it came to birthday gifts. Looking over at Sue I saw she was blubbering like a baby, not something I’ve seen many times in my life.

Now you can see what has been occupying my time over the last few months. We’ve come to the Island several times since then. This was where Tom whisked me off to when I was so outraged over Nancy. Sue and Steve have been here several times on their own and some with us. I suppose not every friendship could survive owning a home together but I don’t anticipate any problems. We’ve vacationed together and shared vacation homes for the past 40 years.

We were home for Christmas this year but back down here for New Years. That was a wonderful time. Annie and Andy came also as well as Allie and Ryan. The children were off until the middle of January so we had them to ourselves for a while. For the most part Sue and I have managed to behave ourselves – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Allie, however, did share some of her less brilliant moments over the past few months. I’ll be sharing those with you soon.


Paul said...

Cassie, I'll say, what a surprise!
Love and warm hugs,

sunnygirl said...

What a gift. Oh to be rich. I'd settle for a time share. Think Cassie would be interested?

ronnie said...

What a wonderful gift better than a jet ski each:)


faerie said...

Wow, what a great gift.

Florida Dom said...

Cassie: You must be so thrilled at the gift. My first thought the key was to something kinky. LOL.


Patty said...

Wonderful story.If you ever feel the need for a gimpy, old, retired nurse, give me a call and I'll fly down on my broom.

abby said...

Cassie, my dear friend let me know when you get lonely! LOL

Cassie said...

It was certainly a surprise and I have been enjoying.

I loved my gift. I’d be willing to have a time share anywhere in the world – I love to travel.

Sooooo much better!

No one gives better gifts than my Tom. I’m a lucky woman.

LOL! Not my Tom, at least not in front of others. He is a much more private person than I am.

You would be as welcomed as the flowers in springtime!

I would love to have all my friends from here to come visit, wouldn’t that be a party!

Katy said...

I love Cassie stories!!

So glad to find some new ones!

Love, love love!!

Cassie said...

It makes me so happy when you come by! I hope to have more for you to read soon.