Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday retreat

I’ve been so neglectful about writing here and I apologize. I realized I never wrote telling you about what I got for my birthday way last Sept and that has a lot to do with why I’ve been too busy to write. Tom nearly always takes me on a lovely trip for my birthday and this past year was no exception. He chose a delightful little island in the Caribbean. There were two 5 star resorts there – not high rises but smaller and more intimate places that were just lovely. However for this trip Tom had rented a private compound that included the most beautiful vacation home I’ve ever seen.

The main house was huge! Actually it was two houses put together to from a large U shape. The common area was a living room and dining room plus a gourmet kitchen. This area opened up to a fantastic patio area and the pool. All of this overlooked the Atlantic Ocean in all its splendor. The color of the sea around these islands is indescribably beautiful. The beach at this home was wide and inviting and the ocean calm and playful. But back to the house, there were matching master wings on either side of the house each consisting of a small kitchen and sitting room, two guest rooms in addition to the incredible master bedroom. Each master had its own balcony and private hot tub. Can you tell I was amazingly pleased with our accommodations? We were alone for the first week but Tom had invited many of our friends to join us for my birthday the next week so it wasn’t long before the place was overrun with friends and family, as well as the two guest houses on the grounds as well.

There was also a delightful family that lived on the property to care for the house and grounds, Tia and Carl and their delightful children. Tia is a cook like no other! In addition to cooking Tia and her girls took care of every house keeping detail, while Carl and his sons maintained the pool and grounds. All this they took care of while we barely saw them! They were wonderful about giving us complete privacy. Tom would let them know on the days he was cooking that we would require nothing, and for them to enjoy their day as they liked.

My actual birthday we spent alone. Everyone was scheduled to arrive the next day for the big party, but this day was just for me. Tom woke me up with breakfast in bed. It was delicious and we ate and sipped our coffee while watching the waves roll in. My first birthday gift came next and it was a lovely diamond bracelet. I love jewelry and Tom loves seeing it on me. Glancing at the clock Tom told me. “It’s time for your next gift, put on your bathing suit and let’s go.”

Oh my, what a day! Tom had rented jet skis for the two of us. I want one for the river but so far Tom has not warmed to the idea. We did have fun with them on the ocean. The whole day was one thing after another of the things I loved. We biked later in the day exploring the island. There are so many little shops, and restaurants and I wanted to visit each one! We did visit many and we ate at one of the resorts I mentioned for lunch.

As a most special surprise that evening, Tom had arranged for us to ride horseback on the beach at sunset. Carl brought the horses around and I couldn’t have been more pleased and surprised. I used to ride quite well, but that was long ago. Thankfully Carl had picked the sweetest and most gentle horses for us and our ride was near magical. I don’t know when I had had a finer birthday.

My day wasn’t over however, back at the house Tom slipped his arm around me and said quietly in my ear “I think it’s about time for a birthday spanking.”

You must understand that I have reached a point in life where this can be a serious matter! It’s one of the few times I wish to be a young woman again. As with any and all spankings I felt it was my duty to protest. “Not now Tom, I think that horseback ride will do me for tonight. Let’s just save your arm.”

Tom chuckled, “I was just using the horseback ride to help me with the warm up.”

He began to undress me and I gasped, “Honey, wait! Not out here! Let’s go in.”

“I’m happy right here.” He told me. “I chose this house for its privacy and isolation. I think outdoor spankings are natural and healthy and you know how I like to watch your health.”

I had to laugh too. I stopped complaining and worrying and just went with it. Tom didn’t just relieve me of my shorts, he undressed me completely. The night was warm with just a hint of breeze from the ocean. It was such a strange and exhilarating feeling to be nude in the great outdoors. As Tom ran his hands over me spanking wasn’t the first thing on my agenda but as usual it was on his. Pulling me over his lap he began on a brisk warm up. Now of course this was a birthday spanking he was happy and playful but NO spanking from Tom is to be taken lightly! The warm up had done its job and then he began on counting the years.

The first 20 were hard and swift, as if he wanted those two decades behind and forgotten. As he began on the rest he made sure each and every swat, each and every year, was memorable. Oh, to be forty again! I was stinging and throbbing for sure as he delivered the one to grow on. He soon let me up and I was rubbing for sure trying to soothe the sting. I gave Tom a reproachful look and told him “The least you could do is help.”

Tom smiled and leaned back on the lounge chair. “Do you know what a beautiful sight it is to watch you rub your beautiful bottom, especially here in the moon light?”

I laughed at him but quickly decided I wasn’t going to be the only one providing entertainment. I began undressing my sweet man and soon we realized the full benefit of our private retreat. Everyone should have the joy of making love under the moon with the waves crashing close by.

Our private retreat was perfect and the following day our friends would arrive, Sue and Steve, Annie and Andy, several other couples that are old friends as well as Ryan and Allie and Allie’s whole family. I was a happy woman. Nothing could be any better than time alone with Tom, but I do love my extended family and friends and I looked forward to their arrival. I still hadn’t received my special gift. Tom had wanted to present that in front of the crowd. But it was fantastic and I’ll tell you of it soon.


sunnygirl said...

Cassie in one lucky girl. Her idea of heaven suits me to a tee. Can't wait to see what happens next.

ronnie said...

That would be my perfect holiday. Looking forward to hearing what your special present was.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Cassie, who is a lucky girl then!Seems like you both had a wonderful time, isn't it great to be rich. LOL!
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

abby said...

Tom sure knows how to celebrate in style! A birthday to remember. abby

faerie said...

Great birthday, can't wait to find out what the special gift was.

Patty said...

What a wonderful birthday story. You are a very lucky woman.

Anonymous said...

How special and wonderful, You deserve it. Now if you would not make us wait so long between stories all would be perfect!!


Cassie said...

My Tom can plan a vacation like no other! But this gift he had for me was a shocker!

I know you would love this place. Sand and sun as far as you can see! You’d like my gift too!

Paul my brother,
I am a lucky girl, world’s best husband, world’s best brother. Of course, money doesn’t hurt. LOL!

Oh Abby,
No one celebrates like Tom.

I expect wonderful gifts from Tom from past experiences. But this was something.

From what you have said about your Colonel, I think we are both lucky to have had what we’ve had.

I am sorry! I do feel guilty and really want more time to write. Unfortunately my gift has become my guilty pleasure.