Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Questions and Answers

I want everyone to know that I love receiving emails! I get such delightful ones. Many ask questions and I find that so flattering that people want to know about Tom and me. I think this is always the way I thought it would be to have grandchildren, someone who actually wanted to know about us. Of course some of the questions asked are not what one would usually expect to be asked in a conversation with grandma – but this is a unique situation and group!

Often the questions trigger memories and stories I could to tell that I would have never thought about. I am working on one now. But I still write slowly so please be patient.

The girls and I are planning a trip for June (without the fellows) we are planning it but I haven’t asked Tom yet. I think he will say yes. We have gone on a girl’s trip most years for the last 8 or so but Tom never likes it and occasionally he will say no. But I have been an angel lately (mostly because I have been too tired to think of trouble) so cross your fingers for me.

I am still writing so you all please keep emailing. casscat6575@yahoo.com


Paul said...

Cassie sweet sis, oh dear, a trip with the girls, quick hide the hairbrush. Chuckle!!!
You know what happens when you and Sue get together, you egg each other on!!!
I hope that Tom allows it and that you have fun.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

david said...

Cassie Mom, Tom has to let you go we need details of your adventures. From me your stuck with the two grandsons. I asked Mthc if we could give you a granddaughter and she started to chase me around the house with the hairbrush.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Cassie I have all the patience in the world to wait on your writings. I love reading them. I understand your Grandparenting comment. I am going to write about mine on my site- one of these days. They were priceless and helped mold me into who I am today.

I am still learning when and how often to write with my new site. Hope you get to go with the girls.
Have a great day-Ciao
I gal

Anonymous said...

hi cassie,
I'm quite new to blogging but I am learning every day. You have a great blog and I will check it out often. Best wishes to you and your family from Sweden.

Lori said...

Oh you know Tom will let you go. Just be good until then. We all know you won't be good with Sue.
Well okay, I'll try to be patient and wait for the post. Patience is not my strong suit.

mthc said...

A trip..i can't wait..i'm sure you will thoroughly entertain us when you get back..and David's comment..sometimes his mind walks out on him !!

Cassie said...

Paul I have no idea what you are talking about! We are just a group of older ladies planning a pleasant, quiet get together. LOL!

David, you are a sweet boy for trying! But you watch out for that hairbrush - I don't think Mthc liked that idea.

I Gal,
My grandmother was the only person in my youth that ever made me feel cared for. Grandparents are special souls.

Tina! Bless your heart for stopping by, and all the way from Sweden too. Please come by often!

I am pretty sure he will say yes but I can never take it for granted.

Now you could at least give David's idea a little thought!