Friday, December 07, 2007

Great idea!

LOL!! I had an idea, such a wonderful idea! I ran with it and I got my way! When I told Tom about it he laughed at me and said I needed a paddling for it but he always thinks that and he’s not really going to do it.

I told you that I wanted to talk to my doctor. Talk to him, not have more test, just to discuss things. Now we have known my doctor for quite a while and we used to attend the same church so I called his wife and asked if we could take them to dinner Sunday evening. Now I told her what I was looking for, this was not an ambush. I told her I wanted a consultation, but I did not want to talk in his office and I surely did not want to talk while sitting on a table covered with crinkly paper! She laughed at me but seemed to understand. I told her I did not know what he normally charged for a consultation but dinner was on us and they could choose the wine! She told me she would get back to me and she called me this afternoon and said that they would be delighted to go.

Tom says I have no business bothering the doctor this way but I just don’t see it that way. I mean the man has to eat! I don’t plan to talk nothing but health issues all evening. I think it will be fun and his wife sounded like she was really looking forward to it. So I don’t see that I have done anything bad.

We have 6 parties to go to before Christmas and I am worn out just thinking about it. We decided not to try to entertain this year and I am so happy about that. I hope all of you are partying or staying home and relaxing which ever you like best. I’ll be in touch when ever I get the chance to be on and I will let you know what the doctor had to say!


david said...

Cassie Mom, It was a great idea and you get to have a nice evening out as well. Both of you have a wonderful weekend.


denise said...

Oh Dear Sweet Cassie,

My goodness after making you they broke the mold. You are a card!

But which one is the question?
the Joker, perhaps ;)


Paul said...

Cassie, sweet girl. What a brilliant idea. When Mel was alive and we lived in London our doctor was a good friend.
Six parties, hope that you enjoy. I will have a quiet Christmas, on Christmas Eve I'm throwing a party for the children of family and close friends and on the 26th a dinner party for Family and close friends, Christmas Day is for Mel.
Be happy dear sister.
Love and warm brotherly hugs,

Sara said...

Cassie, what you are is creative, and good for you! Dr's are people too, and they would not have accepted if they were not pleased to be asked. I hope you enjoy and get the info you need. Sara

Lilly said...

Great idea, Cassie!!

I agree - it is MUCH harder to talk sitting on crinkly ole paper in that fine office wear they let us borrow!! A nice dinner consult is perfect. Sara's right - you are creative!

Now if you feel you missed out on a good paddling, just email, and I'm sure we can come up with something - LOL!

Enjoy your parties! Love, Lilly

mthc said...

Your idea doesn't surprize me. You are very creative my dear. Good luck and hopefully you will find out what's wrong.