Monday, December 17, 2007

Burn out

I am too worn out to write. If I was having fun all the time it wouldn’t be so bad but too much of what I am doing is not what I want to be doing. You see I am too tired to even make sense.

I know December is always busy but on top of parties, concerts ands plays and luncheon Tom has been disappearing most afternoons. I think he is working on a surprise for me but I miss him. Meanwhile I am going to all the December activities , on top of club meetings, and charity meetings and providing refreshments for the youth and I just want to stay home and curl up!!

Part of this is Tom’s fault. I did all these things in the past when Tom was working but I dropped out of most of them when he retired. Then last winter when he went back to work I was as loose ends and Tom felt that having too much time on my hand lead to problems. When I decided not to go back to work at the school this year Tom insisted I “do something” to become more involved in the community again. I obviously over did it.

I am going to get through Christmas and then I am going to reevaluate everything. It’s too much and I am too tired to keep this up. I haven’t had the energy to misbehave. So I know how boring this is but I wanted to touch base with my friends.


david said...

Cassie Mom, You have a heart of gold, I am sure all your activities love the time you put ino them. If you do need to slow down a little then you must do it.
Besides we love your adventures when you misbehave.

PS. I will remember your words of wisdom with Mthc's Xmas present hehehe. Maybe

Love and hugs,

Paul said...

Cassie, sweetheart, you are never boring.
If you need to take it easy to recuperate your energy than do so, this time of year is very low energy, I am also finding it difficult.
Post when you feel like it, don't worry we will still be here.
Love and warm brotherly hugs.

Anonymous said...

Even Tom would have to agree that your health and happiness come first. And you never bore us!! A happy heart IS a giving heart and so you need to get back to being Happy!! Merry Christmas

lessa{D} said...

Cassie, you are not boring and you certainly are not the only one feeling like this. I know that feeling of being empty and tired. So a big big hug to you! Do take care..

I hope you and Tom will have a good Christmas together!

love, lessa

mthc said...

I know how you feel .I'm pretty tired myself with christmas,shopping,daycare..just not enough time or energy.Hang in there..we'll get through it! Big Hugs...

New Beginnings said...

You might want to grab Tom and talk to him. Men can get caught up in too much activity too. If you are missing time with him I know he is missing you too. Let him know you miss him Cassie, I bet he will fix it.


Rose said...

Hi Cassie,
Glad to hear from you. Hang in there. I understand, there is way too much to do around this time of year. I agree, maybe telling Tom how you feel will help.

Lilly said...


You do sound worn out, but so many are this time of year. I'm certain that many people are benefitting from your gift of time.

It's okay to behave, you know! LOL! Seriously, do talk with Tom ~ I'm sure he's missing you, too!!

Love, Lilly

Theresa said...

Cassie I am sorry you are so tired. The holidays have a way of doing that to us.

My advice to you is follow PK's advice. She gives good advice!