Thursday, January 18, 2007

Now let me think.

Elis tagged me the other day to come up with five thing that you do not know about me, I decided to give this one a try. I can think of many things, and many you probably don’t need to know. But here I go:

We once attended a party where we were introduced to Prince Charles. Now while I am sure he is a fine man I would be bragging more if I had been to a party and been introduced to Paul, Mel or Sky!I once won $2,000 in one afternoon gambling. I decided not to tell Tom, I thought keeping a bit of mad money around was a good idea. I thought that until Tom found it and suddenly the money wasn’t the only thing that was mad!!

I did not graduate from college. I have always regretted this. I was very hesitant to start writing the blog because I was afraid of sounding uneducated among all you accomplished writers. Don’t tell me I can go back now – I’m not going to. That time has passed.

When Tom gets mad about something he calls me Cassie Jane, I’m not sure why it’s not my name but when he walks in and shouts “Cassie Jane” I know that I am probably not going to like the conversation or anything else that follows!

The day of my first husband’s funeral was interesting. It was one of the few times I ever remember my mother touching me. We had an argument and she slapped me. After that day I cut off contact with my parents. My father always though my first husband was a “Decent man who will take care of you”. My father always backed him even thought he knew that he beat me.


Anonymous said...

Wow... so sad about your mom... and I do agree about the Prince... Paul would be a much more exciting man to meet!!!! I'm ever so glad you were tagged cause I love hearing more about you... especially when it is stuff you are allowed to share with us!

Glad to hear that you've had your talk, too!

Love you ever so much,

Paul said...

Cassie, when Tom calls you Cassie Jane, do you get time to put on a pair of cast iron panties?
I've actually met Prince Charles twice, once at a medical conference were Mel was the keynote speaker and once at an IT conference where I was a speaker and he remembered me even though it was six years apart.
I don't have a lot of time for royals, they should worry,:-) but I think Prince Charles is the best of the bunch, at least he has principles!!!
Thanks for doing this Cassie, we love to learn about you, these little things make you three dimensional for us.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Aww Cassie, don't worry about the college thing, I didn't graduate from college either.

Too bad about your mother. People only see what they want to see, sometimes reality just isn't something they want to see.

I agree about the Prince, I'd rather meet Paul!


Theresa said...

Cassie thanks for sharing. I am sorry about some of the past. But I am so glad that now you have a wonderful overprotective spanko to love you! Life is good!


Cassie said...

Tig honey,
Anyone would be honored to meet Paul.

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about the past lately. No regrets, just thinking.

The cast iron panties would be very useful at those times!!

You know we Americans are always interest in the Royals. William seems like a fine young man too. Let’s hope so!

My life might have been different if I had felt educated when I was younger. But I wouldn't want anything different now.

AMEN!! I wouldn't give up my wonderful, overprotective spanko for anything!


Anonymous said...

Wow Cassie! I haven't been able to post comments at your site in ... forever. Earlier tonight it was no different. Then I was off doing something else entirely when the window to post here popped up all over my screen! Veeeeeeeery strange!
Loved your post. It's so neat to learn little things about the people here. As Paul said, it makes you three dimensional.
I have great respect for you, the way you've overcome the things in your past. And am also real glad you have Tom to take care of you now!! And I gotta admit, when Dave uses my middle name ... just wow!

New Beginnings said...

I have to tell you everything I hear about your life intrigues me!

As for "sounding uneducated among all you accomplished writers." I think you are a fantastic writer and that comes from you, not a degree! I love your storys and hearing about your daily life. Keep writing!

Hugs, PK

Cassie said...

I am glad you were able to get on I love to hear from you and Dave. Feel free to email if you can't comment here. And yes there is that tingle that goes up you spine when you hear that middle name!

You are kind, I enjoy writing and knowing that some of my friends like it I plan to keep going.


CeeCi said...

Wow, this was fascinating! I agree completely, I'd much rather meet Paul. than any of the royal family....I don't know how to curtsy.

PK is right about the writing, it comes from you and frankly, your style is refreshing, descriptive and very nice to read. Fret not that you have no alphabet soup behind your name, what you do have is Style!

I'm so glad you did this meme, I learned some wonderful things about you!

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi