Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Need Some Ideas

Although Tom worked some Saturday we had a very nice weekend. I woke up Saturday morning to those three little words I love to hear “Turn over Cassie”. So my day started out with a wonderful good girl and some even better loving. We spent the morning together puttering around the house. It just felt wonderful! He went in to the office though around one and I was on my own again. But I have been inspired by Theresa a while back and I am working on cleaning out closets. I did find some long forgotten lingerie that I spent a good deal of Sunday afternoon modeling for Tom.

Now I have another project in the works. The girls are getting together out west at the end of the month. I want to join them for a few days but I know Tom won’t be able to leave and I don’t know if I can convince him to let me fly there by myself. I am afraid I won’t be able to talk him into this. Long ago, before we were married, I flew any where in the world I felt like going but since Tom I have only flown once without him and that was flying to him not away. Any suggestions??


Mistress Sky said...

Is it terribly important that you go Cassie?? If it is, you'd better start talking to Tom about it sooner, rather than later, before you get yourself all het up!
Good luck!

Tom said...

Certainly you must go. I think it's the other way round. If he thinks ,there are good arguments not to go ,he's the one to make his points and be honest if objections are real.

Anonymous said...

Suggestions? Just ask, of course, but don't go into the conversation unprepared. Sit down and thoughtfully write out the pros and cons of you taking the trip vs. the pros and cons of you staying home. Try to write it all out from Tom's point of view, too, meaning the things he would think of as pros and cons on either side. Then present it all to him with your carefully thought out request for permission to go.

Don't go into the conversation with the idea that he will definitely say "no"... you know better. Sometimes he surprises you, And maybe you've been turned down always before but I doubt you've ever been quite so thorough in your pre-request preparations.

Just give it a shot... but if he has cons to counter your pros, be willing to compromise. By the way, how's the planning going for that getaway with just the two of you for after this job is over? Haven't heard you mention it for awhile... is it stuck in the closet with your "new" old lingerie?

Love you!!

Paul said...

I think Tiggr's is a good idea.
You need to convince him that your wild child is calming down, if not asleep, I don't think that you can convince him that she's asleep.
I wish you luck dear Cassie, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

As I always tell my children, the worst that can happen is he'll say no.

That being said, he may very well surprise you and say YES, so just ask.

Oh, and that lingerie might help some.


Cassie said...

I really want to go but I am trying not to get my hopes up.

That sounds nice but that is not the way things work in our home.

Yours is a good idea but the pro and con list would easier to write if I was writing for Tom saying no.
I have gotten into more scrapes with these women than with anyone else. I haven't told all of them because I didn't want to appear as foolish as I sometimes have been.

I think I could hold it together but these women do have a way of influencing me. Of course I have talked them into a thing or two also. I do think we have calmed down a good deal however.

It is so lovely to see you here! And you are right all I can do and ask.


Theresa said...

Cassie I hope you get to go. I'm with Grace the worst that can happen is he will sya no!