Thursday, July 30, 2015


I’m sorry to disappoint – this is a message from PK. Usually only Cassie’s voice is heard here (or occasionally Sue’s), but I need to talk/explain/ask what should be done here. There is another Cassie book coming out next month and it’s one that is very special to me – but to my friends here, to the loyal handful that read Cassie’s blog, it will still be what you have read here. I’ve always wanted to turn Cassie’s life into a series of books. When the first ones came out I did much rewriting to shape them into better stories adding things and letting you in on more stories and dialogue. As the blog continued over the years I felt the writing got better and now when a book comes out it’s not new to you truly loyal blog readers.

This book coming still relies on the stories Cassie has told here, the next one also. But there are new stories in the future if my publisher is willing to continue the series with me. I’m uncertain as to what to do. If I post them here then there won’t be any surprised for you when subsequence books come out, yet I don’t want this blog to die. I can’t have them here if BB is going to be gracious enough to publish them for me later. There is my dilemma.

I don’t have a solution yet, but I wanted those who have read here regularly to know you may know most of the stories in this new book, well if you read back in 2012. I have tried to expand and add detail, but I wanted you all to know before you decided about buying the new book.  When there is completely new stories that none of you have heard I will be sure to make you aware. If any of you have ideas or suggestions for me – I’m all ears.


Minielle Labraun said...

I think it is always a joy to come here and read, however I for one would love to read an all new Cassie book that I've never seen before! I think there are too few books focusing on older sexy couples who spank! I love Tom and Cassie so much! Also I adore the friends young and old. I say surprise us!
Maybe you can use this blog to hint at their escapades and tease us!

an English Rose said...

Hi Pk, no ideas really unless you tell some short tales of escapades that don't make it into the books!
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

Hi PK,

I've been reading Cassie for such a long time so I'm with Minnele, would want to read the new book without reading any chapters here.

I like Jan's idea,surprise us and give us some short tales.


Cat said...

Haven't had a chance to read all the way back and it will be nice to have all the stories together. I agree...Jan has a good idea. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

PK said...

Thanks guys - I do like the idea of some smaller adventures I could write about. Meanwhile, Cassie did have something she wanted up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late responding. I have read this blog for a long time and all the Cassie books. I agree some short tales would be nice. Either way I never tire reading about Cassie. Not to change the subject but I haven't read any comments from Paul for quite some time and hope all is well with him. Amyee