Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sweet Paul

Sweet Paul, my dear big brother. You have been here for me from the very beginning. I believe, unless you were in the hospital, that you have commented on every post I’ve put here in the past seven years. You’re as committed and loyal as any birth brother could have been. I hope you have a most wonderful birthday and please know I’m thinking of you and wishing we could be together today.

Your baby sister


Paul said...

Thank you, dear girl, I hope that you received my card.
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

Sugaranne said...

I've always noticed that Paul is your biggest fan (besides myself... I'm a silent fan). I often found myself immediately seeking out his comment after each Cassie post, so... I guess he's a part of my life as well. Funny how these days one can make a connection to another human being through the miracles of technology without the other person's knowledge (kind of creepy, too, I imagine).

I'm a fan of Cassie, and by proxy, a fan of Paul's. So... Happy Birthday, Paul.


Minelle Labraun said...

Happy Birthday Paul!

Anonymous said...

Cassie, we miss you, we hope you have been up to some 'FUN' while you have been so quiet.

Cassie said...

Sweetie I have! I've been having more fun that any one person should have. And I even think I'm going to have some time this weekend to write about some of it.