Saturday, March 19, 2011

Way back when, part 5

This story began way back here.

I couldn’t believe what Tom had just said. “What do you mean?” I asked in shock. “You just wore me out! Tom, I can hardly sit. You can’t spank me again!”

“Cassie you ran away. If you ever do that again you can expect that exact reunion. You can call it a warm up for all I care but when we get home we’ll address the issues at hand.”

My bottom was throbbing. Every turn of the car was a painful reminder of our ‘reunion’ and the thought of more on top of what I was feeling was something I couldn’t think about. “Honey, please,” I started. “I’ve told you I was sorry can’t you…”

“Cassie I said we would discuss it at home, not in the car. You need to hush.”

I hate it when Tom won’t let me talk and it’s ever worse when he won’t talk to me. I liked the idea of talking it out while both of his hands were firmly on the wheel. So I tried again, “Tom don’t be like that. I was coming home this morning. You’ve spanked me. Let’s forget it.”

Tom slowed the car and pulled to the side of the road and turned to look at me. “Do I need to make sure I have your full attention before I repeat myself one more time?”

Suddenly realizing he was perfectly capable of blistering my bottom again right there on the side of the road and knowing I would still get another at home I hastily apologized and promised to be quiet until we arrived.

“That’s a very good idea.” Tom told me in a serious voice and he pulled back onto the road. My heart was pounding but I stayed quiet as a mouse until we arrived home. Tom came around to open my door and just getting out of the car and standing was an ordeal.

As soon as we got in I had to keep trying. “Tom I’m so sorry. I really am. Honey, I didn’t get any sleep. I need a shower. Can’t we discuss this later; maybe over a glass of wine… maybe in bed… let me show you how sorry I am…” Unfortunately Tom was not accepting my offer.

“Take your shower, and then we’ll talk.” Tom told me as he led me to the bedroom. I sighed and headed toward our bath. “Leave the door opened.” He told me, “I want to keep my eye on that window.”

Under the circumstances I wasn’t comfortable undressing in front of my own husband but I did as I was told. I so wished he would join me in the shower. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. I showered as long as I dared. I knew he was waiting on me. Tom was sitting in a chair in the bedroom watching me as I dried off. It gave me such a strange feeling. I finally took a deep breath, donned a robe and joined him.

Actually I sat on the bed clutching a pillow as though it were armor. I didn’t say anything. I knew there wasn’t one thing to say that was going to change his mind. He kept staring for the longest time.

Standing up he finally spoke. “You messed up girl. You didn’t stay home when I told you to, you were going to lie to me about it, you ran away from me, and then you hung up on me when I was worried to death about where you were. You’re not going to do that again.” Sadly, for my behind, that wasn’t exactly true but I surely would have been willing to swear at that moment that I would never do any of those things again.

Tom picked up the ivory brush from the dresser and coming to the bed took both the pillow and the robe. I was protesting but he was listening to nothing and sailed into my extremely sore bottom with seemingly full force. And suddenly he was full of questions.

“What possessed you to leave the house when I told you you were not to do so?” How can he expect me to answer question while he is scorching my bottom?

But I knew he did expect it so I managed to gasp out “Sue called and begged me to go to the casino with her. She had some free tickets to the buffet and didn’t want them to go to waste. Owwwww!” I added as he continued to spank.

“So you thought going with Sue when I told you to stay home was a good idea? What do you think now?”

“Owwww… No!! It was a horrible idea. Please stop!!” I wailed.

Tom paused a moment the asked, “When you went out the window what happened, where did you go?”

“Westly.” I answered truthfully. Ten more licks had me squirming like mad to get off his lap with no success.

“I mean right then!” he said angrily. “I looked all over for you.”

I didn’t want to say but I didn’t dare hesitate. “I stuck around and hid in Sue’s car. I was in it when she left.”

Tom paused, “Do you mean to tell me Sue knew exactly where you were all night? I’m going to ring her neck!”

I felt like suggesting he run right over to their house and take care of that immediately, anything to get him to stop spanking.

“You didn’t use a card last night. Where did you get the money for the hotel?” You have no idea at the incredible speed the mind can sort through and discard various scenarios when your backside is ablaze. I could tell him I borrowed some money from Sue – then I could keep the money I won gambling. But I wasn’t sure how soon I could get to Sue to tell her. If Tom got there first and found I had lied again… well that was something I simply couldn’t risk at the moment.

“I won a little at the casino.” I managed to gasp out.

“How much?” he asked

Heaven help me I hesitated a moment too long and 5 blistering licks land at exactly the same spot on my upper thigh!

“Not there!” I screeched before I managed to gasp out, “$700!”

“Alright Cassie,” Tom said as he began to lightly rub the smooth side of the brush around my bottom, “Do you feel I’ve gotten through to…”

“Yes, yes, Tom! I’ll never do it again!” I promised.

That only earned me another hard pop. “You listen to what I’m saying before you answer me.”

I shut up and listened to every word he had to say. I had no idea what the words actually were. But he wasn’t spanking and I surely didn’t what it to start again. But it finally ended with “… do you understand?” And I sincerely and readily agreed, to whatever it was he had said.

He rubbed a bit but I could hardly stand it. He sat me on my feet and said “Go get me the money before I take care of your bottom.”

I wasn’t about to argue. Tom has never allowed me to have large amounts of cash. Please understand he denies me nothing, but it goes on a credit card and he sees everything. I liked having a little ‘mad money’ but I quickly got what was left of the $700 (which was most of it) and turned it over.

I lay on the bed then as Tom put lotion on my bottom. I was so raw it felt like he was pouring on liquid fire. But I gritted my teeth and said nothing. Tom hadn’t slept the night before either so he joined me in bed and held me. I was drowsy and content for the moment, in spite of my pain, pulled close to Tom.

I was near sleep when it hit me. Something had happened that day that in my dread of the consequences I had completely missed. I had bolted, I had run away from Tom… and he had come after me. That had never happened to me before. When I had been with other men and bolted (or they had) there was nothing more than a ‘good riddance’. Tom had cared that I left, he wanted me back, and he came for me and claimed me as his. As I thought about it I was blown away.

Gingerly I turned over so I could look at Tom as he slept. This beautiful man was mine. He loved me. He wanted me with him. He would protect me. He would guide me and always, always keep me safe. Turning back over I gasped as Tom pulled me close even in his sleep and my thoroughly spank bottom was pressed against him. That wasn’t the last time I ran. It was years before I really, fully believed that Tom loved me and wasn’t going to leave, hard to believe now, but I had had no experience with real love before. It’s been an amazing journey. One I wouldn’t have missed for the world.


Paul said...

very well told, I'm glad that you had that moment of truth. sometimes it has to come through the brush!
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

abby said...

Great reporting Cassie. Sometimes it is hard to see what is right in front of us!

Michelle Carlyle said...

LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big hugs to you, darling,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Cassie. Everyone wishes they had a man that would chase after them.


Cassie said...

Oh my, I'm afraid way too many of my truths came through that darn brush!

It seemed to take me forever! But it was a wonderful think to behold.

Oh honey I'm so glad you like my stories. I feel that is quite a compliment.

I hadn't thought of that but I think you are exactly right.