Monday, February 28, 2011

Allie pays the price

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Late that afternoon I called Sue to see if she knew anything. She didn’t. “Steve wouldn’t even let me go for a walk in that direction so I could try to hear anything.” She fumed.

“Well come on down, we’ll get some dinner. But if I don’t hear from Allie soon I’m headed down there.”

“No you aren’t.” Tom commented as he walked by.

Thankfully he didn’t turn to see the face I made at him. We decided to order pizza, plenty in case the children joined us. And finally they did. Although I could see traces of some tears, Allie seemed to radiate contentment and beauty. As we got our food there was a ball game coming on, not my way to spend the evening!

“Gentlemen,” I addressed the men, “if you don’t mind I think we ladies might watch a moving while you have your sports evening. We’ll be in the theater in you need us.”

Tom kissed my cheek and murmured in my ear “And you can’t talk about us nearly as well when we’re in the same room, correct?”

“Correct.” I agreed, and added “I love you.”

We gathered our food and headed to our home theater. I love the theater for its privacy and it also happens to have the most cushioned and comfortable seats in the house. We gave Allie enough time for a teenager to scarf down two pieces of pizza before we could take it no longer. “Well…?” I prodded her.

Allie hesitated. “I don’t know if I can talk about it. It’s embarrassing.”

“Bullshit!” Sue blurted out. “As many old war stories as you’ve heard from us? Girl, you better start talking or the only stories you’ll hear from us will be about our bunions or re-runs of ‘Murder She Wrote!’ Now start talking.”

I love having a friend who can put things so succinctly! I said nothing but my look let her know I expected to hear everything.

Allie sighed, blushed slightly and told the following story –

I have to admit I was scared. I love Ryan and I knew he wasn’t really going to hurt me but when he really thinks I screwed up those spankings hurt! And I had stolen his car, no less. He didn’t waste much time when we got to the house. “You probably should go to the bathroom – and you can just leave your jeans and panties in there.”

Does he have any idea how embarrassing it is when he says that? (Yes, I thought to myself as she told us this. I’m sure he knew just how embarrassing it is. Tom does this when he is particularly annoyed to make me as uncomfortable as possible and I know good and well whose Ryan mentor is!) And having to come out wearing a tee shirt and nothing else. I wanted to crawl under the couch! I just wanted to get over his lap where I could hide my face. But he made me stand right in front of him to talk first.

“You know that stupid frat house is the worse on campus. They’re sleeze and nothing else. You went there to get drunk – there was no other reason. You know you aren’t supposed to be drinking at all and around those guys? Allie you were begging for trouble.”

“You were luck you didn’t get their kind of trouble – but you’re in trouble enough now.” Then he had me bend over the back of the couch. I didn’t like that at all, but I figured it wasn’t a good time to complain. He started spanking me with his hand but it seemed to hurt way more than when I’m over his lap. Maybe he had a better swing but it was awful! I was in a terrible position, my feet barely touching the floor and I wanted to reach back so bad! The burn was terrible. And he just kept on! I didn’t hear all of what he was telling me but some of it was some of the things that had happened to girl who had been to some of those parties. The stories seemed to be getting him more and more wound up.

Finally I was begging “Ryan, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Owwww… Please stop! Please!” He did finally stop but when I tried to get up he wouldn’t let me.

“You stay right where you are. I’m not finished. Don’t you move.” I could tell he stepped away from the couch. I was dying to rub. My butt was killing me but I didn’t want to add anything to what he might be planning. When he came back he put his hand on my back and said. “Some people who steal cars are arrested and have to go to court. You should be glad you get to skip all that and go right to the punishment.”

He started spanking me with one of those huge, hard kitchen spatulas and I didn’t think anything could hurt so bad. I just howled. I couldn’t help it! I will never be able to use a spatula again without cringing. He used it all over; on my thighs was the worse. I was crying by then and shouting for him to stop; I promised I would never ever touch his car again. Finally he stopped and rubbed his hand all over my rear. When he helped me up I couldn’t help grabbing my butt. It really hurt.

“Allie, we’re not finished yet.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Ryan, please. That’s enough! I can’t take any more.”

“I think you need a break.” he agreed.

All I could think was “Halleluiah!” I was even thinking that with a little make – up kissing and maybe a distraction or two on my part I could talk him out of any more spanking at all. But that wasn’t what he was thinking about.

I couldn’t believe it when Ryan said “You can have a break, go over and stand in that corner.”

Poor Allie looked even more embarrassed as Sue and I both shouted “What?” at the same time. (I was dumbfounded. Where was Ryan getting this from? Tom had tried this once or twice early in our marriage but he soon realized it wasn’t worth the effort. I fought him tooth and nail and would do it to this day if he tried to insist on it. It seems Ryan is branching out on his own.”) Don’t look at me like that Allie begged. I didn’t know what else to do. I was kinda mad when he said it, and at first I refused. “I am not standing in the corner!” And I meant it too.

But when he said “All right then, we’ll just keep going.” Suddenly standing in the corner sounded like a vacation in Maui! I went to the stupid corner feeling like an idiot. I was still rubbing and he didn’t tell me to stop. (I bet not, Tom tells me watching me rub by bottom after he has redden it is one of his all time favorite sights.) I did feel stupid but I got to thinking about the whole thing and how dumb I was for getting myself into this situation. I can’t say it wasn’t a good place to think. When Ryan spoke to me again I almost didn’t want to leave my little corner haven.

“Allie,” I turned to look at him and he pointed over to his computer bag. “Get the brush out and come over here.” I couldn’t believe he had brought the damn thing with him!

I couldn’t help begging “Ryan, please not that, anything else, please.” He just pointed again and didn’t say anything.

I got the horrible thing and brought it to him. He pulled me down over his lap this time and started talking. “You did two things Allie that you can’t ever do again. You lied to me, and you ran away from me. If you ever think about doing either of those two things again you better think back on this.” Then he started spanking with that hairbrush I guess about as hard as he could. I was in agony! My butt had felt a little numb when he was using that spatula but the time in the corner was enough for the numbness to go away and the pain to sink in. Nothing has ever hurt more than that hairbrush! I couldn’t help reaching back (I gasped when she said this – I had once shared with her one of my stories where I had reached back, and the consequences. It seems men really don’t like this.) He just penned my hand to my back and said – that just added 10 more. I was a blubbering mess when he finally stopped and started rubbing the brush over my scalded rear.

“Allie, you can tell me anything. We can talk about anything. You can yell and cuss and fuss if you need to about whatever. But just be honest with me. Will you do that? And one last thing. I can’t stop you from coming and going as you please but as long as we’re together you don’t just get mad and leave in a huff. You tell me if you're going off anywhere. You got that?”

I would have agreed to anything at that moment, but I meant it when I promised him I would be honest and that I wouldn’t run off again. “Good” he told me. “I’m glad that’s settled. Now these are for reaching back.” Those were the hardest ten of the whole afternoon, five, right at the top of my thighs, on either side. I never wanted to be spanked like that again.

As Allie ended her story I got up and gave her a big hug! “You poor little thing. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“You got a lot of guts kid.” Was Sue’s comment, “I’m impressed.”

“Oh I forgot to tell you, two more things. When we get back to school I have to use my money from babysitting to fill up the car and I have to wash and wax it by myself next week!” I couldn’t quite tell if she was bragging or complaining.

“What has gotten into Ryan? Let me tell you if he starts telling some of these things to Tom and Steve we are going to have words!” But the three of us were laughing by this time. Allie had certainly had a rough afternoon but then I had to admit to myself that she had deserved a rough afternoon. She seemed so happy and bubbly I was forced to admit it had done her a world of good to get it over and done with and not something hanging over her head.

“I want some ice-cream.” Sue said suddenly, "let’s go talk the men away from the game and go get some sundaes.

“That’s a great idea!” Allie agreed “and if they want to finish the game we can always slip off and go get some without them.”

Sue and I both stopped in our tracks to turn and look at Allie. “Oh, I’m just kidding!” she insisted, leading the way. I shook my head as we followed her. I can’t help but worry. That child gets more like me every day – heaven help her!


Paul said...

Cassie, Allie gets more like you, and Ryan more like Tom, Yippee!!!
Great story, Ryan has learned well, the corner time was a great touch.
All naughty girls need time to think, and contemplate their sins.
Love and warm fraternal hugs,

abby said...

I love it when "traditions" get passed on to the next generation!

Cassie said...

That would be good but Ryan will be around all summer - having two watch dogs every minute is just too much.

I never thought that would happen in my life. Not having any children. Allie and Ryan have been a God-send to us.

Anonymous said...

Cassie that was a wonderful story. Can't wait to see what story you share next.

ronnie said...

Lovely story. Seems like you will be in for a good summer then with 2 of your favourite men watching over you :)