Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome, welcome!!

You are so welcomed here. I know mine is a funny little blog and I don’t get a ton of readers that is why each and every person who take time out of their busy day to check in and read about what's going on with me and Tom and our friends is so important to me. To those of you who spend a little time here and leave me a comment, bless you! Nothing brings a smile to my face faster that someone reading my stories and taking the time to talk with me.

I know many people read blogs but never think of leaving a comment and I want you to know that even if you never say a word you are as welcomed as sunshine! If anything I ever write brings a smile to someone’s face that makes me happier than you’ll ever know. Please come and read all you like. I have stories going back for four years. Oh, but if you are willing to leave a comment you don’t know how much I would love that! Anyone who blogs wants to know what others think of their writing. So just for today would you be willing to say hello? And should you ever read back in my archives and find a story you like you can leave a comment on that story I’ll get it in my email and I promise to go back and leave you a comment in response.

I have more stories to come whenever I fine the time to do more typing. I surely hope you’ll be back!


mthc said...

Howdy Cassie Mom!

ronnie said...

I'm here. I'm not a lurker but still wanted to stop by.

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day.


Paul said...

Cassie, little sister, believe or not you are loved, a whole bunch!
Love and warm fraternal hugs,
Big Bro!

jam said...

good morning, cassie. i stop by from time to time. i enjoy your stories very much. commenting is not my thing. most times what i'd like to say has all ready been said. HLOLD

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,
I am a lurker, but I love your stories. You are a wonderful writer.

SugarAnne said...

I am one of your lurkers who has enjoyed your work for months without ever commenting. When I discovered you I actually spent hours going through your archives and reading up to the present. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to say that I really appreciate your story telling talent, and I'll be sure to chime in from now on.

Happy LOL Day!


Hermione said...

Hi Cassie,

Happy LOL day! I'm a frequent visitor to your blog and always enjoy my visits here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie it's Lynn again just taking a minute to say hello and to let you know how wonderful, funny and resfreshing your blog is. I have enjoyed spending the last few days reading everyting you have written since you began but now I'm all caught up and having Cassie withdrawls so please hurry and write some more.

Your newest friend and devoted fan.


Happy LOL day.


Cookie Crawford said...

Happy LOL day

Cassie said...

Mthc sweetie! Always love you popping in.

I love that you come here to read! You are a wonderful blogger and an asset to our community.

You are the best big brother out there! You have been my dear friend here for so very long. I can’t imagine being here without you.

Thank you so much for commenting. You read here all you want to, you are welcomed whether you comment or not. But if you ever do have anything to say please do!

Thank you! I love writing and it’s always wonderful to know that there are really people out here reading. Lurk all you like, LOL!

Sugar Ann,
Honey I had no idea you read here! I’m tickled! I love reading about you and your sweet husband. Please come back anytime.

You really add to our community. I’m so glad you stopped by.

Gracious Lynn,
I still can’t believe you read all that! I’m so pleased you like my writing. I’ll get to writing as soon as I can. I like being able to post new stories too.

So happy to see you here.

Thank you dear, please come back.

Anonymous said...

i love you cassie

AngelBrat said...

Happy LOL Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm still here : )

Cassie said...

Thank you, I love my readers too.

LOL was a wonderful day wasn't it? Thanks for coming by.

Thanks I'm very glad you are.

Cowgirl said...

Howdy! I love reading about your antics!

Florida Dom said...

Cassie: Sorry I am a day late for LOL day but I always enjoy reading your blog. It is always so interesting.


Bonnie said...

Thanks for being a part of our community celebration!

Katy said...

So glad to see another Cassie post! Hopefully this means more stories are to come!

Cassie said...

Cowgirl, Florida Dom, Bonnie, and Katy thank you all for coming by. Visitors are my favorite things!!

Katy I'm not sure when but I can promise you more stories. And I hope you all will be back.


Surrendering Slowly said...

I love reading your stories; I still have't gotten to all the older ones' but they are well written and very sweet; and sexy too *L*

Cassie said...

Surrendering Slowly,
Thank you so much for coming by and commenting. I'm so glad you like my stories. There are more coming but I'm not sure exactly when. Soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

I've been re-reading your blogs whenever I'm feeling down. Most very funny, others touching,help me get my act together. Thank you.

Cassie said...

Thank you so much for reading here, I hope you'll come back often.

Amber said...

Happy LOL day. Prefectdt