Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner on the River

My thanks to those of your who read my last post and took the time to comment or voted on the poll. I hope you will continue to come by. You have my sincere thanks.

Our lives are quite different living on the river as opposed to the house in town. In town I had become somewhat isolated. Tom was the only person with whom I spent a great deal of time. Here on the river there are wonderful people everywhere – Kate and Andrew next door, their wonderful children and their friends and of course Sue and Steve. There are others in the neighborhood who have become friends also so I am delighted with where we are. I know Tom is happy we are here too but on rare occasions I think he misses being the only person around.

Now Tom certainly never has to fight for my attention. I would still rather be with him than anyone else on the planet by far but when he is working I am more likely to seek out others than just sitting and waiting on him.

Tom works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and when he gets home on Wednesdays night Tom seems to especially want to spend some alone time with me. He has created a special time for us on Wednesday evening. He packs us a picnic and we have dinner on the river. Although he did it politely he made it clear to everyone around that we neither need nor desire company on these evenings.

He does make one exception, probably because he harbors the hope and illusion that her manners and her willingness to obey will someday rub off on me. I am afraid he will be disappointed but I enjoy Willow joining us anyway.

So with bread and cheese, fruit and a bottle of wine – as well as a few dog biscuits – we head out on the boat for a late supper. We have a favorite little spot on the river where we love to watch the sunset from the boat. To me these evening are heaven. It originated as Tom’s idea but it’s just what I always want – Tom all to myself. I love talking to Tom, I love that he listens to me. That was one of the first things that attracted me to Tom.

On the boat I snuggle back against him and tell him about my day and hear about his. There is also definitely some kissing going on but at Tom’s insistence all activities on the boat are G-rated.

When we come home after our evening on the river we continue to avoid friends and leave the television off. It’s just us. If the air has grown cool out on the river Tom draws me a warm bath – I love when Tom baths me. I feel petted, pampered and somehow owned. As I get out Tom wraps me in a huge towel I feel as if I could drift off to sleep without ever even opening my eyes from the tub to the bed.

However this is rarely what Tom has in mind. Now I can think of a variety of ways for a loving husband to awaken a dear wife – Tom, as you might imagine, has his own favorite. One second I am drowsy and comfortable the next minute I am bottoms up at the receiving end of a stinging good girl! But of course this is rarely unexpected as Tom does know how to wake up every part of my anatomy. Sigh… I do love our Wednesday evening. The boat ride might be G-rated, but back in the bedroom – well let’s just say you must be over 60 to be admitted!


Paul said...

Cassie a really nice post, how I envy Tom!
I would point out Sis, that I am well over sixty, hint, hint! WEG.
BTW, over 111000 thousand hits is no mean achievement.
Love and fraternel hugs,

Terpsichore said...

an afternoon on the river sounds lovely...and being awakened in that manner - somehow I don't think you minded :-)

Florida Dom said...

Cassie: Glad to see you're continuing to write after your readers let you know they want you to continue. A very good post and we'll look forward to many more in the future.

Cassie said...

You're sweet to say you envy Tom. I have had a hit or two over the years and I am most grateful.

Terps sweetie,
You are right, I didn't mind a bit.

Florida Dom,
I am hoping and planning for you to have much more to read.

Anonymous said...

aww I love picnics! how romantic :) I always enjoy your posts please keep it up!

ronnie said...

How did I miss this one.

Lovely post and your both very lucky, I'm so glad your continuing to write.


Cassie said...

lil Miss Trouble,
Thank you so much for stopping by. I love our picnics too!

LOL! You never know when I will find the time to sneak one in! Thank-you for your loyality.

Debbie :) said...

I'm a little over a week late visiting y'all, Ms. Cassie and may I just say what a pleasant post this was. TEASE!!!! hehe


Debbie :)

Lessa said...

mmmmmmmm, we had some nice picnics in the Swiss mountains... enjoying the view... and once absolute no one else there... so he had me over the knee before I knew it... *smiles*...

lovely memories... and over 60 to be admitted.. hey, just became 45... isn't that old enough already...lol