Monday, March 17, 2008

Off we go...

We are heading out on Wednesday on our trip and although you may be shocked at this, I am sick and tired of behaving myself! I am ready to cut loose. I am sure Tom is bored to death with me. I have been good as gold and I am sick of it. I want to see Sue and Annie and go off and do our own thing. Of course I know he will pack the ivory brush for tradition if nothing else. What do you think, do I have the nerve to sneak it out before we go? I honestly haven’t ever done that before. I have no reason to think he would use it but if he noticed it was missing would he be annoyed or amused? Shall we find out?

We will be home in about a week and a half. I hope everyone is will be well and happy while we are gone. I don’t expect to be on the computer but there might be the chance to check emails. I will miss you all! Take care of each other!


Jessica said...

Have fun and take care. Bring us back some good stories. BTW - I don't think Tom would think it was funny if you take the ivory hairbrush out of the travel bags.

Good luck!

Paul said...

Cassie, sweet sister, have a great Easter break with lots of not too dangerous adventures with Sue and Annie.
I would strongly advise against removing the hairbrush, believe me Tom will find something worse.
I did when Mel pulled the same trick.
Love and warm Brotherly hugs,

Anonymous said...

Have fun!
You should only sneak the hairbrush out if you really want to feel it as soon as you get back - I have a feeling that's the way it would work. You know Tom would think he had to make his point!

Lori said...

I can tell by this post that you are going to get trouble. Don't add to it by taking that brush out of the suitcase. Tom just may do as Paul said and find something worse and then you would get the brush as well upon returning home. Have fun, be safe and be sure to post all your stories when you get back.

Caryagal said...

You are living on the edge already!!! I think Tom needs to give you a preventative spanking! I wouldn't try taking out that hair brush! I have a feeling Paul and Lori are right!

Love ya!


Cassie said...

IF he realized it was gone he might not be thrilled. But if I give him no reason to look for it...

I believe I am going to take your word on this. I am not sure that there is anything worse but I don't want him looking for anything! Please take care while I am gone. I love you brother.

You're right. He would make a point the minute he got the brush back in his hand.

Trouble? Me? Why would you say that. Now if perhaps Sue gets in trouble I might relate one of HER stories!!

Love to you all!

Cassie said...

But Carye!! I have been so good for so long... I am ready to take a chance! Okay maybe not take the hairbrush out chance but - something!!!

david said...

Cassie Mom, Don't touch that hairbrush. I don't think Tom would like that. Have a wonderful time.

Love and hugs,

Terpsichore said...

Have a wonderful trip! :-) Hugs, Terpsichore

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.
I got a feeling you're truly looking to be bad, and really want that hairbrush..pronto!

Of course, any measure taken will~~on the "bare"~~be quite right.
As a new reader to your blog, this may be presumption on my part; however, I'm taking all this in slowly..maybe, I should be a more diligent & close reader...

oh, heck! Have a great Easter Vacation. I'll catch ya when you get back..but, yes: So will that Hairbrush!

lessa{D} said...

Cassie.. I am hoping you are having a wonderfull wonderfull time... and you would be a much much better idea if you forgot to take that hairbrush back home with you... loose it in the hotel.. the cottage.. whatever.. and then it is gone forever... grinnnnnnn...

love, lessa

Reesa Roberts said...

Hi, Cassie, I know you're having a great time, and you sure needed this vacation!