Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Fools, part two

You can find part one here

Believe it or not, Tom, Steve, Andy and Ryan took a boys trip. This has happened over the year, but very seldom. Of course this was Ryan’s first chance to join in on one. They had a chance to visit an exclusive golf course. Had I pushed it, I suppose we ladies could have gone, but the area was so golf and golf only, I wasn’t that interested.  I knew Tom would be focused totally on his game.
Annie was planning to visit with her old college roommate that weekend and Sue and I planned a quiet weekend doing as we pleased. All was well until Lily’s niece’s baby came two weeks early. Lily had promised to stay with her for a week after they got home and now she would need to be gone while the boys were away.
The furor this piece of news caused had me more than a little annoyed. You would have thought they were planning to leave two three-year-olds home alone for the worry Tom and Lily went through.
“I just don’t like the thought of leaving you here with no one to cook.” Tom told me.
“Tom Duff, if I told a lie like that you’d have me over your knee,” I stormed. “You really do see Lily as my babysitter, don’t you? Good grief, she’s barely been here a year. What do you think I did all those times you’ve abandoned me to travel for work? Did I starve to death?”
Tom at least had the good graces to look embarrassed. “I know you can take care of yourself, girl. But I do feel bad going off and leaving you just for a pleasure trip. And,” he added, sounding much more like him, “there’s no telling what you and Sue will get into left completely on your own.”
But before Tom and Lily could become completely unglued Sue and I received an invitation. Allie and Jenny had mentioned several times they would love for us to come spend a weekend with then at school. While I wanted to make a stand that Sue and I would be more than fine on our own, a weekend with the girls did sound like fun. Everyone seemed more relaxed with that plan and headed off to their various pursuits. In hindsight, we should have stayed home.

Jenny and Allie seemed so happy to see us. It might have been a small apartment, but it was truly their home and they enjoyed playing hostess.  We didn’t go until Saturday morning. I’m made my stand to stay one night home alone, even though I hated it. But Saturday the girl took us on a campus tour and we treated them to a fancy lunch. That evening Allie was cooking. The girls had invited Daniel and Justin, a lovely gay couple that live below them, to join us for diner. They were friends of Ryan’s and in their mid-twenties. We all felt better with them living on the ground floor. We visited and drank wine as delicious smells emanated from the kitchen.
We ate out on the terrace that over looked a small park. As we were finishing our meal a girl walked by and called up to Allie. “Allie, Kyle’s having a party over at his place tonight. You and Jenny need to come.”
“Not tonight,” Allie told her, “we have company.”
“Bring them along, Kyle won’t care.” She insisted.
“It’s my mother-in-law and her friend. I think we’ll stay home.”
I was looking down at the girl and I saw her eyes widen. “Cassie and Sue are here? I’m coming up!”
Sue and I turned to look at Allie, who blushed slightly. “You two are more interesting than most of my friends. I can’t help talking about you guys some.”
The girl popped in and came right out to the terrace.  Stopping at the doorway she scanned us briefly. Coming over to me she said, “You have to be Cassie and you’re Sue,” she announced, glancing Sue’s way. “I’ve been wanting to meet you two for years now.
“And you are?” I asked with amusement.
“Oh, I’m not anybody, just Erin. I was on Allie’s hall freshmen year. “She says you’re the best shot in the world and saved her from a kidnapper this summer and that Sue attacked a policeman that tried to arrest you for something, and…” the girl then launched into a string of more of our exploits, many that I’d nearly forgotten about.
Allie finally got her stopped. “Damn it Erin, you’re going to get me in trouble. They’re going to think I talk about them all the time. Just shut-up!”
 “She doesn’t really, but we all pump her for information. You two are famous around here.” Erin told us.
“You go to college with a bazillion young people and you waste your time talking about two little old ladies – child, you all need to get a life,” Sue told her chuckling.
Nothing seemed to slow Erin down. “Allie, Jenny, you have to come to the party tonight and bring Cassie and Sue – everyone wants to meet them. Please come,” this girl was positively bouncing with excitement.
Jenny, who seems a bit more forceful than Allie got up and took Erin’s arm. “Sorry you have to go so soon,” Jenny told her, leading her out. “You’ve invited us. You’ll know we’re coming if we show up. By-by now,” she added as she led her out and shut the door behind her.
“Erin sometimes gets carried away,” she added unnecessarily as she joined us again.
“What in the hell have you been telling about us?” Sue asked.
Allie was blushing and looked decidedly uncomfortable. “They know nothing that they couldn’t read in the paper,” she assured us. “But come on, you all do lead interesting lives.”
“Hardly.” I told her, rolling my eyes. At least I didn’t really think of our lives that way.
“I’m for going to the party,” Sue exclaimed.
“I second that!” I agreed. “I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a college party. It’s high time we added that to our resumes.  Daniel, Justin will you join us?”
Daniel looked over at Justin who gave an emphatic no. “I’ve been to plenty before, too loud and too much cheap beer. I’d rather stay home and have a quiet glass of wine. You all feel free to party hardy.”
“We’ll stand by with bail money,” Daniel agreed.
Although it took some persuading on our part, the girls took us to the party. Daniel and Justin hadn’t been wrong. It was loud and the beer was terrible, not that that stopped us from drinking, but Erin had also been right and Sue and I were big hits. And you know I don’t exactly shun attention. We had a wonderful time talking with the most interesting young people. All was well until Sue and I noticed an old familiar smell wafted through from the kitchen. Sue caught my eye from across the room and I merely gave a shrug and followed her.
Sue was immediately annoyed as we came through the door that two or three of the children in there tried to hide what they were doing. She snapped at some boy near the door. “You ass, I was smoking pot when you momma and daddy were in diapers. We rolled our own, now what have you got there.
The young man brought out a small pipe. Sue and I watched intently as he lit a ‘bud’ he called it, in the bowl. Intriguing …
My eyes widened as Sue took the pipe from him and took a hit. Her cough was immediate and racking. “Haven’t done that in a while,” she finally managed to say. She offered me the pipe.
“No thanks,” I told her, “I just came for the second hand effect.” But unfortunately, the combination of being away from home, Tom out of town, Allie and Jenny out not around at the moment and all the young people asking about out pot smoking days of our youth, well…