Thursday, November 12, 2015

I’m so happy to have you

I know you have many places to stop by today and I’m delighted to be one of your stops.  I realize my blog is different from most and perhaps a little off the norm, but I still love visitors and I still try my best to answer every comment. Should you by chance have a question for me or Tom or Sue or Lily or any of us feel free to ask and I promise to get back to you.


ronnie said...

Had to stop by and wish you happy LOL Day.

Love love to visit here,

Aimless Rambling said...

So glad Cassie is here today

Terpsichore said...

oh sweet Cassie, glad to have you here :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy LOL Day! :)

Downunder Don said...

Hi Cassie,
and I am very glad to be here....Happy LOL day

Frank Spanko said...

Love your blog. It's a pleasure to lurk on. Regards, Frank

Minielle Labraun said...

Hello Cassie dear! Happy LOL day!

Ella said...

Cassie, you make every day happy for me. If there is any blogger that makes a visit special, it is you. Happy LOL Day!

Love From Ella

Cat said...

Happy LOL Day happy to see you post.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Emerging Lurker said...

Happy happy LOL day, Cassie!

Cassie said...

Thanks Ronnie, love it when you're here.

Leigh, Glad we're all here.

Terps you are so good to come by.

Thanks Lilli!

Don, I'm surprised to see you here - and so pleased.

Frank, you are welcomed anytime.

Minelle, you're such a loyal friend.

Ella, you are so sweet! I love having you here.

Cat, love seeing you here.

Thanks so much EL

Michael M said...

I visit frequently but hardly ever comment.

an English Rose said...

Hi , I would love to know if Lily is going to get together with the new chap. Bet you don't tell me though!
love Jan,xx

Lindy Thomas said...

Have a wonderful LOL day Cassie. great to see you joining in.
cheers Lindy x

Alofa said...

Hi PK, I lurk here too, and bought my first Cassie books this year! Thanks for the great reads!

Bonnie said...

Happy LOL Day!

Cassie said...

Michael honey, you come by any time you want to.

Jan, I will tell you – not right here and not right now, but I’ll definitely tell you. Soon I hope.

Lindy, I really wish I could be here in the community more – I love everyone out here. Thank you for coming by.

Alofa, bless your heart for reading one of my books. That is so kind of you.

Thanks Bonnie, so kind of you to come by.