Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday CeeCi

CeeCi honey,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays! It was our dear Paul who directed me to your lovely garden. What a find! When I think of you and all we have learned from and about you the word class comes to mind. Your site is one I often read to Tom and I have him come to look at your pictures. He too has called you and your site classy. I haven’t commented as much as I should but I am a daily visitor!

For your birthday I wish you every desire in your heart. Your months of sobriety are the most wonderful gift you could give to yourself and those who love you. I have no doubt that Mojo is the answer to nearly everything else you need. And as I have told other children out here - enjoy yourself, but life doesn’t really get good until your sixties!!


Mistress Sky said...

What a great way to describe our friend - classy suits her, Cassie. However, I do think that life can get good before your sixties...though you probably get more 'alone' time to enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Cassie!!! CeeCi is a gem, that's for sure!!


Theresa said...

Good points Cassie, and you are finding the best pics. please share you site sometimes! Happy Birthday CeeCi!


Paul said...

Cassie, great pic, yes CeeCi is an absolute gem, I'm so glad I took that first stroll through her garden.
BTW life gets even better in your seventies. I really get to sit back and enjoy the goings on of all you hot young things. WEG
Warm hugs,

CeeCi said...

Hi Cassie!

What a wonderful table you've set for my special day, it's beautiful! Thank you so much for you birthday wishes...this has been an exciting day for me and your thoughts have added to it greatly.

I still have eleven years to go before I can experience the joys of my sixties. With you as a role model I know it will be an extra special time in my life.

Thank you for letting me know you stroll the Garden with Tom. No worries about being quiet while you're there, it means alot to me to know you enjoy the time you spend there.

**Big Hugs**
♥ CeeCi

Cassie said...

It's good but now I have too much alone time, and that's all alone!

Eva and Theresa,
CeeCi is a rare treasues. I think I find all these pictures on Google, is there anywhere else to look?

You are going to turn my head! I haven't thought of myself as a hot young thing in quite a while! Thank you!

You can count on me, and often us, in your garden daily!